My Father's Favorite
                                                                                        Written by Patrick Doyle for piano
                                                   soundtrack of the Movie 'Sense and Sensibilities'.
                                                                                                                                                        By Arie Bussemaker/ Sonja

On the DVD “Songs from my Heart” (taped on the Vrijthof in Maastricht in 2005) one of the special
features is a beautiful clip with the title “My Father's Favorite”. (
It is not listed on the DVD cover and
you have to go to specials to find it)
 It was played at the concert and the video was shown on the big
screen beside the stage.  The music is extremely beautiful with a piano melody clearly on the

André starts to play and then he closes his eyes and starts to dream about what his orchestra would
have looked like in the seventeenth century.

In his dream you can see the orchestra members wearing silver-white wigs and the women are dressed
like Sissi or Madame the Pompadour.   The men are dressed in colorful outfits with a lots of gold and
they also wear the white wigs in the fashion of that century.

The men contrary to the women look serious.    The women,  while playing their instruments, are looking
naughty with bright eyes and come-hither smiles.

I was a bit shocked  because I would put my hand in the fire for each of them, to assure you that they
are absolutely solid musicians and housewives and they would never act like that in reality.
Most of us know them by name and many are fans of them.  This could only happen  because André
has asked them to do so for this comic clip.   Looking from this point of view, it should not be too
difficult for them to do an act in a clip like this with the subtle feminine gestures of seduction.

The clarinet player Manoe has a brown wig and she plays the music just
heavenly, but eventually she bursts out laughing.  Stephanie at the piano
also wears a brown wig, but all the other orchestra members wear white

                               The pianist Stephanie plays as in a romantic dream and nobody could   
                               improve on the way she plays this song. Perhaps she doesn’t smile as
                               much, but when she makes a kissy face with her lips, she is adorable.

You see André in a sunny garden surrounded by a all these beautiful noble women (of his orchestra).
They all look so attractive with their silver colored hair and seventeenth century gowns. Then I see two
extremely beautiful girls throwing kisses and they are blowing them right at me.  I think I have died and
gone to heaven!

They are all laughing and that fits this clip. They must be having fun over the effect they have on men
who watch the clip. :-)  Their bright beautiful teeth look like pearls. In my opinion, they are looking more
beautiful here than in their wedding dresses.
A girl throws kisses, but another girl makes a gesture with her hand “Please don’t be so wild!”

Then I see André sitting on a sofa, while two of these gracious girls are kissing him simultaneously on
his cheeks. André’s blue eyes are saying “I must be in the seventh heaven” while he slowly moves
backwards, three other beautiful girls catch him and are kiss him on his forehead.

I don’t know what happened hereafter. The clip ends here, but I loved the melody and sure enjoyed
watching their acting.  
Arie Bussemaker
(Arie was kind enough to write the report and supply the pictures for us.)  
Tanja and Hanneke
Nicolle, Judith and Kalki