music Inspires

I have heard of many fans who are inspired by Andre's music to take up the violin or another
instrument.    Many also are inspired by him to make and do other things.   I have made several
shirts inspired by Andre and his music, just because I wanted him to know how much his music
means to me.  Some are inspired to travel to the cities and countries where he performs, some
organize fan meetings.   On this page you will find the stories of fans inspired by Andre and his


Inspired Fans

Carol Hendrix, PA

Maggie Worman,MO
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The Andre Stitchers

Rita's Inspiration

Linda's sweatshirts

Sue's desktop Wallpaper

A tribute to Erik Buch

Suzie's alarm clock

Bumper sticker fun

Joan's Fantasy Evening

Music of my Soul

Monique's Caricature

Ineke's search for the Andre Tulip

Mone's dream come true

Christmas surprise

Her Voice
Fan Meetings

Meeting in Maastricht, 2005

Meeting in Vienna, 2006

Dinner in Maasticht, 2006

Meeting in Maastricht, 2006

Dinner in NYC, 2006

Dinner in Maastricht, 2007

Meeting in Maastricht, 2007
Fan travel adventure

Maggie's trip to Holland

Travel with the Rieu girlzzz

Two walks in Maastricht

A visit to the Efteling