40 Year ago, Wim Brussen founded the 'Josti band', an orchestra for mentally
challenged people.   During this period, the orchestra became quite famous performing
both in and outside The Netherlands, they even once toured the States!
Many people love to work with them, because the spontaneous and open minded
nature of the orchestra members, and their enthousiasm for the music.  
One anecdote: Halfway during a rehearsal one of the members shouted: ''Its tea time'
and off they went, leaving a confused singer behind...
Both Wim and the orchestra had one big wish, to play with a famous orchestra, the
Johan Strauss Orchestra of course.   To surprise Wim, he was lured to Maastricht for a
fake business meeting, not knowing the orchestra was travelling to Maastricht as well.
The video is in Dutch but with the background you will be able to understand what is
going on.   One of the female members says: 'this is a difficult part to play, fast and you
really have to learn this by heart')
Andre tells them it is an honor to play with them and then says how music goes directly
to the heart.