The leader with the violin
                               Translation Sonja

The only thing I know how to do is to make music.    To his audience that
sentence alone is worth an ovation.     When he comes onto the stage,
there is no stopping.  During his concert in Magdeburg Super-Illu took a
peek  behind the scenes and spoke with the Maestro and his fans.

It starts quietly.  Then sounds start to come from the hall behind the stage, and  different
sounds come from behind each door....   There is someone tuning his violin, next door
someone is practicing on his horn, and in the next room the violin God stands in front of the
mirror and thinks that what he sees is terrible.  “Why can't I look like Arnold  Schwarzenegger?  
That is at least a man.   Honestly, I am not flirting, Andre Rieu grins mischievously.  There is no
part of my body that I like, except for my violin.   

Andre Schwartzenegger  or Arnold Rieu???

Outside in front of the Magdeburg Hall are 5000 dreams, 5000 fans are waiting longingly to see
this handsome man, from up close, this man who himself says that he looks awful,  Women,
whose female instinct dance the waltz by the sight of this man.   They paid an average of a 100
Mark to be at this concert.   The night temperature is only 7 degrees Celsius, (
45 degrees
)   Soon; real soon they will be able to warm themselves by the wonderful sound of
his violin.   The concert in Magdeburg is at the beginning of his new tour.   Rieu, his 40
musicians and the 5 ladies of his choir will travel around the world in the coming four months.  
Yesterday they were in Dusseldorf.  Immediately after the concert 45 technicians and 50
temporary help took everything down and transported all the equipment through the night and
the fog in 14 trucks to Magdeburg.  “Everything you see here” Andre Rieu says with pride in
his voice, belongs to me.   It is less expensive than having to rent everything every time.  

The fiddling Dutchman is a shrewd business man.  He has created a small empire with 7
(for tax purposes)  One for technology, one for building stages, one for hall
decorations etc.     76 Christmas trees are evenly spaced to decorate the Border Hall, there
also is a snow making machine, which sometimes during the performance snows on the
audience in the first few rows.   
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