Guest in a German chat-room
                                                      22 November 2002
                                                     Translation Sonja

                                   At the end of the broadcast of Das Chat an unbelievable mob of fans stormed the website
                                  to chat with the highly admired master of the violin, the Waltz-King, Andre Rieu.
                                 Completely at ease he mailed with his fans and even promised one fan to play a birthday
                                  song for her Oma” (
German and Dutch for Nana).

      Up close and personal with the Waltz-King

Andre:  Good evening
Renate: Hello André, great that you are here.  Are you healthy
again? (
he had a cold)
Andre:  Yes, I am healthy again.  Thank you.
Bastian: Hello, Mr. Rieu, how was the cheese fondue?  
Andre:  It was very good.
Theodor:  Who is the composer of the melody you just played?
Andre:  The melody I just played is a Japanese song.
Petra:  Good evening Mr. Rieu. How do you relax during the
concert's intermission?  That has to be very difficult.
Andre:  With cheese fondue ;-) or with sleeping.
Fidler: Are the bright blue shoes your own choice of a publicity
Andre:  No gimmick. They are my own choice, I like them.
Petra: What are the names of your two dogs?
Andre: Tim and Xander.
Mausi: How long have you been playing the violin?
Andre: Since I was five years old.
Bruni: Hello Andre, why are there no pictures of your wife?
Andre: There are some pictures in our book, “My music,
my life.
Gini: Does it matter to you that so many women love you?
Andre: Yes, of course. I am very touched and flattered.
Katharina: I just have a very loving fan greeting for you and your
orchestra from Hannover.  
Nick: Since when do you own the house in Hamburg and in what
part of the city is it?
Andre: I have already had it for several years. I love Hamburg.
Stephanie:  Hello, dear Andre. I wish you much success on your new tour and sent you loving greetings from your fan
Stephanie in Chemnitz.
Andre: The same to you dear Stephanie.  When will you come to a concert again?
Mausie: Can you sent me an autographed picture?
Andre:  You can get one through my homepage.
Bastian:  Do you like sushi?
ndre: Yes, delicious, but only for ten days.  After two weeks of sushi I look forward to cheese fondue
again. ;-)

A charming promise.

Violin: Hello Andre. My grandmother and I will be at your concert in Bremen.  On that day my Oma’ will be celebrating
her 86th birthday.  Would it be possible for you to play a song for her?
Andre:  Okay, I will do that.
Kathy: Dear Andre I have been going to your concerts since the beginning.  Now my biggest dream is to be able to
come to a practice session.  Would that be possible?  I would also like to know if you still give autographs after your
concerts, because I was rejected in Cologne.
Andre: Yes, that is possible.  Check with my home page at  There you will find a
mailing address.
Bastian; I hope you will welcome us in Japanese in Bremen.
Andre; I will speak German in Bremen.

The Music.

Wolle: Hello Mr. Rieu.  Do you also play Jazz?
Andre: No, I can only play from music, but I cannot improvise.
Robbi: Mr. Rieu when will you perform in the North again?
Andre:  This Monday, in Emden, then Kiel and on 5 December in
Hamburg.  Check my home page agenda too.
Renate:  Why do you not give autographs in Cologne too?
Andre:  Of course do I give autographs in Cologne too.
Herry: When will you be in Vienna again?
Andre:  On Feb 3, in the Stadthalle.
Wildhorse:  When I see your concert agenda I always wonder how your team manages to set up the stage in one day,
take it down, drive through the night and the next day it stands perfectly again for the next concert.  How do they do
Andre:  That is a good question.  My son Pierre organizes that.  It is an enormous job, but they manage it so
that every time, punctually at 5 o'clock we can start our sound check.  I am very proud of my son.
Lena:  How do you like the acoustics in the new Color Line Arena, I also thought the concert in the Alsterdorfer Sport
hall was wonderful.  There was a close human contact.  Do you think that you will also have a meet and greet after the
concert in the large Color Line Arena?  I hope so.
Andre:  We have started it in Hamburg in the Music Hall.  Then we went to the
Congress Center in Hamburg, then to the Sportshalle.  Everywhere did we
reconnect the contact with the audience.  We will also do it in the Color arena.
Anne:  Mr Rieu, I will not ask you a question the other have enough questions.  I just
would like to give you an affectionate greeting and would like to wish you a Merry
Christmas and healthy and Happy New Year.
Mandy: Do you sport in your free time?
Andre: Yes, of course.  I even have my own fitness bus.  2 treadmills, 3 exercise
bikes and a weight machine.  The bus is really just for me, but the whole
orchestra can and does use it.  
Mausi: How did you learn to play the violin so well?  I do not play very often.
Andre:  Practice, Practice, Practice. No more and no less.
Mausi:  Can you please give me a few hints?
Andre:  Practice right!
Comet2: Will there be an Andre Rieu concert again this Christmas or New Year that will
be broadcast on TV?
Andre: Yes, Silvester evening,  It will be taped on December 5, in the Color Arena in Hamburg,  it will be a
surprising program.
Petra2: Hallo Andre, I am looking forward to the three concerts in Freiburg.  I wish you and the JSO all the best and a
great start to the new tour.
Andre: Thank you.
Theodor: Can one buy the sheet music to your music?
Andre: Yes, some of my arrangements have been published.  I do not know which; you can probably find it
on my home page.
Violine: I would really like to see you and your orchestra backstage, is that at all possible?
Andre: You are going to be my last answer.  That depends completely on how nicely you ask.
Wildhorse: I wish you, your family and the entire orchestra a very Merry Christmas and much fun and success with the
new tour.