Andre Rieu commemorates
the victims of New York
            De Telegraaf, September 11, 2002
                       Translation by Sonja   

Andre Rieu will today, Wednesday September 11, contribute in his own way to the memorial services for the
disaster with the Twin Towers.  He will perform, an especially for this commemoration composed piece of music
on the American TV stations CNN and Fox in a program which will be broadcast around the world.

The title of this work is‘'
Lost Heroes'.  He composed it together with his brother Jean-Philippe and his wife
Marjorie wrote the words.  The video clip of his composition was filmed at an earlier date.

Rieu says: We have performed this composition before, during the commemoration of the American soldiers who
died during the Second World War in Margraten.  Marjorie has written new words for this composition in memory
of the victims of September 11, last year in New York City.  

It is a touching and heartfelt text that puts our feelings into words.

I thought that I, in spite of my heavy workload, had to contribute to this commemoration to show my feelings in
music and text.  It is sung by the Dutch Opera singer
Kelly God.  

Andre Rieu has now obtained a foothold in America too.  After four successful tours and three sold-out
performances in Radio City Music Hall, he recently signed a million dollar contract with a new record company
Denon Classics.

This company will promote Rieu more than ever before in America.  He already has a nick name ‘'The Mel Gibson
of the violin'.

However Andre Rieu stays faithful to his Dutch audience in spite of his busy international workload.  Thus, he will
perform on Saturday evening September 21, his only concert in Holland, for the time being, in the Ahoy Hall in

I am really looking forward to it, according to Rieu, who these days regularly flies back and forth to America.  And
he has performances scheduled with his orchestra in Japan, France, and Germany etc.

Rieu full of emotion: “"It touches me that our concerts are so successful internationally, but I will never forget that
my success started in the Netherlands.  I am still very grateful to the Dutch public that a few years ago they
embraced me and my music".

Rieu is one of a few record artists who does not experience too many problems with the illegal down loading of his
CDs from the Internet, with which the world of pop stars has so much trouble. "Fortunately, my audience does not
engage in that practice," Rieu says.

Since recently, he plays on a Stradivarius which he bought for approximately 1 million Euros. (1 million dollars)
Stradivarius built this instrument when he was still very young, in 1667.  And listening to the sound, he must have
been very much in love.

With his music and his Stradivarius the world is now at Rieu's feet.  For instance next year during the 700th year
anniversary of St. Petersburg, he will perform for the leaders of the world, during a private concert were Bush,
Poetin and other great names will be present.

He sees his concert on September 21, as a happy home coming.  He was discovered by the international show
world for the first time in the Ahoy Hall.   
Kelly God.   She is the beautiful and
sensitive voice on 'Lost Heroes'
(I received a very nice e-mail from Kelly, she told me she is Dutch and the Telegraaf mistakenly
said she was American.   She was born in Limburg and sang in Andre Rieu's choir while
studying at the conservatory in Maastricht.  She now singing as a soloist by the Opera company
in Erfurt, Germany.  The recording of 'Lost Heroes' will be on  Andre's new CD  "Dreaming"
which he made specifically for the USA.  It will be coming out soon and you can get the
information about it on his website,   Kelly sent me this beautiful picture of herself and I think she
deserves credit for her performance of  'Lost Heroes'.