"Stars und Melodien” Jan. 2006.
                                     Translation Ineke Cornelissen/Sonja

(Ineke was kind enough to sent me this article and to translate it for us.    I
do want to mention that this is from a tabloid magazine.   Most of the
things I translate are directly from Andre's mouth, which I prefer,  however
I found this different from most articles and it seems to me to be
something he might say. Since both translations on this page are from
Tabloids magazines please take them with a grain of salt)  

Most people don’t like thinking of negative things like illness and death.
André Rieu knows his fears and prefers to take precautionary measures.

The leader of the orchestra is an optimistic person, he takes time to talk to
his orchestra members and he takes time for telephone calls with his family
at home. But André Rieu is also a man of clear words and a man who
thinks about life and death.

In case of serious disease, the star does not want to suffer too long. One
of his worries is his orchestra. He says: I am afraid of disease. If I get ill, it
has big consequences for the members of my orchestra.
With courage he says: I listen very well to my body and I live very healthy
and in harmony with myself. So I hope nothing will happen. The
responsibility will not allow me to get sick.  In my orchestra the illness
percentage is 0 %, that is nowhere else like this.

What do you fear most of all?
To get the disease of Alzheimer or to get a tumor.
The waltz king (56) and his wife Marjorie (58) made arrangements a long
time ago.   We registered to donate our organs, after death, to science or
to other people.  If his wife should have a serious accident and the
situation would be hopeless, he shall ask the doctors to switch off the life
sustaining machines.   Marjorie will do the same for him.  A promise made
out of  love.

It is our wish that André and Marjorie never have to keep their promise!
                               Story Feb, 2006
                                                translation Sonja

This is from a Dutch tabloid magazine. Monique was kind enough to sent it to
me.   The reporter who wrote this interviewed  Andre before on the cruise ship
during the Tros cruise.   At the time this reporter told a bit about how tabloids
work.   He said if there is no news, and people are interested in the artist, you
either get with the artist and come up with something or you make something

No matter how full of energy violinist Andre Rieu seems to be, he closing in
on sixty.  Time to let go of some of the strings he pulls:  His son Pierre now
arranges all his business transactions!

In the interior of Mongolia  the fame of Andre Rieu may be a bit
disappointing, but in the rest of the world there are not many people who
have never heard of him.   The violinist sells millions of CDs worldwide and
performs with his Stradivarius regularly on TV shows from Korea to New
York.   Andre and his orchestra are a well known attraction.   
Andre has become multiple millionaire with his violin: his capital is
estimated to be twenty million Euro!    (
Just a few years ago all the tabloids
were writing about how he was going bankrupt, so draw your own conclusions,
He may be raking it in, but he does have to support 130 people!!! and all the
expenses that go with his company.

The violinist Andre Rieu became the basis
of an emporium that does not only make a
fortune with CDs, DVDs and performances
but also with many Rieu gadgets and

Andre involves his family with everything
he does:" together with my wife Marjorie,
who does the management and arranges
everything for me, we form a family business
were 130 people are employed.    His brother
Jean-Philippe writes texts and his son Pierre is as producer not only the
organizer behind the scenes but he also plays in his fathers orchestra in
the brass section when someone is ill.   

Only son Marc does not work within the Rieu-corporation.    Marc studies
Art history and is the only one who does not concern himself with the
product Andre Rieu", Andre tells Story.

With the same striking looks as his father and
his ditto interest in the glamour of the showbiz
world, it could very well be that Pierre becomes
the successor of his father.  It is true it will not
be with a violin but perhaps he will get the
audience in the concerts halls to fall for his

In the coming years however Andre still wants the blazing glory himself.   
During a break in his German tour he came to perform  at the Tros-music
festival in the Heereveense Thialf-stadium (
Dutch world-class skating rink).  
 With the Strauss-mobile (his buses) he came with his complete orchestra
out of Oberhausen.   

No matter where he performs, whenever possible he eats with his family at
home.    For that reason he bought besides the buses, two private
airplanes.    A Fokker F27, to travel with the orchestra and a smaller
Cessna Citation.    

The more often and the further I am away from home, the more my desire
for my homelife increases.  
My fixed principle is to never be away from home for more than three
weeks when I perform abroad.    And if I perform in Europe, I want to eat at
home!   Even though I enjoy the champagne and caviar, I get offered at
gala parties, I prefer to eat andijvie (escarole) with a tasty Dutch meatball!
Andijvie with meatball. (one of my
favorites too, yum)
Click here for recipe and cooking
with Andre pictures
.I’d like to die in my castle in
Maastricht and be buried on the
cemetery opposite.
André and his wife signed a
donor codicil.
Pierre sometimes plays his
trumpet with the orchestra
during TV shows in Europe.
Fokker F27   40 passengers
Andre's plane.
Cessna Citation
Crew 2,   Max. 12 passengers