The biggest stage ever!!!

                                         Article from “de Limburger” 26 October 2007
                                                By: Peter van der Berq  Translation: John/Sonja
 André Rieu even tops the “Stones”

The “Rolling Stones” have lost their record.  The British extreme rockers tour the world with four hundred tons
(metric) of equipment.  The renowned stand-alone violinist André Rieu goes one better. His new décor of the palace
Schonbrunn weighs a mere two hundred metric tons more.

The Waltz king of Maastricht presented his plans for the future yesterday in the Amsterdam
AernA. He presented a little preview of his new show, when he made his entry into the
stadium in a golden carriage, drawn by six white horses, especially flown in from Vienna
for this event. Ten footmen assisted in the stylish entry. It will not be any different next
June 28th when Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra perform in the ArenA.

The “World Stadium Tour” will be the biggest highlight of his career. The orchestra leader has pulled all stops.
Against a 125 meter (375 feet) backdrop, he will be accompanied by soloists, the Viennese State Ballet and ice
dancers. Nothing is left to chance when he presents the public with a “Romantic Night in Vienna”. The ceiling of the
ArenA will be changed into a sea of light by 350 chandeliers, each nine feet in diameter. In front of the Schoenbrunn
replica –the Viennese Palace of Empress Sisi and Frans-Josef- will be two ice rinks of six hundred square meters
(5800 square feet). Rieu will copy two original fountains; will have thirty-six traditional Viennese horses, carriages
and an exact copy of the golden palace ballroom. The completed stage contains sixteen hundred kilometers (1000
miles) of steel and aluminum. More than seven hundred movable lights are ready for a special light show. In total,
five hundred people are involved in the production.

In order to make the fairytale in the ArenA –a place for 28000 spectators- a reality, an army of builders is needed for
five days, twenty-four hours a day, to erect the stage. At least 125 sea containers are needed to transport the décor.
In the meantime, Rieu (58) is addressing the acoustics in the ArenA. A gigantic piece of cloth will be suspended from
the ceiling of the ArenA to prevent the echo effect. “I will not rest until the acoustics are correct. And that cloth should
do the trick”.  "And that is also good for the following artists who will play here.

                                                    Just like the Vrijthof in his hometown of Maastricht, he wants to make the ArenA
                                                    a tradition. “Right now there are plans of at least one concert in Amsterdam, but
                                                    that could easily turn into more”.
                                                   The premier of the World Tour starts in Canadian Toronto. Followed by
                                                    Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Leipzig and Brussels. For 2009 performances, Hamburg
                                                    and Munich are in the plans. But that is not where it ends. André Rieu is already
                                                    cultivating new plans. “After Schonbrunn I would like to build a real fairytale

n Dutch TV Andre has said that he would love to see the women in long evening dresses and the men in suits for
these special Viennese concerts)

(In December 2008 Andre plans to take the Schonbrunn decor to Australia and in an earlier interview he has said
that Mexico and Brazil are also on the agenda.)   
Floorplan for Toronto.  
The other Stadium
concerts should be set
up pretty similar.
Unveiling in Dusseldorf.
Floorplan for the Concert in Amsterdam
The Schonbrunn Decor is so
large they have to put it
lengthwise in the Amsterdam