Andre Rieu's Road-Soap
     Broadcast on the Dutch TV station the Tros, Fridays from January 5,  to Feb 9, 2007
 Translations Ineke Cornelissen/Sonja
                           The Tros website with several video clips
                         Ruud's movie website.

A six-part Road Soap around and about Andre Rieu and his Orchestra.    The success story of Andre Rieu knows
no boundaries; in 2006 Andre, his Johan Strauss Orchestra, Choir and crew make their American Dream come
We followed the complete America-adventure from the preparations and departure from his home in Maastricht,
to it successful concert in the world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York.   
In this Soap the viewer gets a realistic picture of the realization of the important tour through America in 2006.
We followed the company of Rieu during the whole year and were there at moment of great joy but also in times
of weariness and fatigue.
The demands during these draining tours are high.   Orchestra members and the technical crew are weeks away
from home.  That demands a considerable amount of stamina and resilience from everyone.
The task is on Andre Rieu himself to make sure this all passes in good harmony.  The result is rather good.
The concert in New York, in the Radio City Music Hall, shot with twenty cameras,  was again a milestone for
Andre Rieu and his orchestra in the United States.   And for 2007,  four tours are already planned in the United
States and Canada.  With among others New York City, Orlando, Miami, Baltimore, Ottawa, Montreal, Los
Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.

Soap Part 1                            
Soap part one with subtitles. Thank you Ruud            

Soap Part 2
Soap part two with subtitles, Thanks Ruud                           

Soap Part 3
Soap part three with subtitles.   

Soap Part 4
Soap part four with subtitles

Soap Part 5
Soap part five with subtitles

Soap Part 6
Soap part six with subtitles  

Oh no, the last part, but it sure was fun to have a look behind the scenes.   Our thanks go again to Ruud
and Ineke who made this possible.
Ruud en Ineke.  
Thanks so much for your hard work
for Andre's English speaking fans!  
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