Andre's talk show interview on Dutch TV
                  May 5, 2006 Translation Ineke Cornelissen/Sonja

Guest: André Rieu.
(wearing an orange tie and a dark suit with the little royal
decoration on it)

André came to from Maastricht to the studio in Hilversum
by helicopter! In the announcement of the program we saw
the helicopter fly, with the (at that time) not named mystery guest.

Host: Our first guest is a big international star. When I was in New York last summer, I
saw the announcement of his performance: May 21, André Rieu in Radio City Music Hall
in New York!
Tonight he is here: Ladies and Gentlemen: André Rieu!

André, I think at this moment you are conquering the States.
André: Yes, that is what I like! Every year we do better.

André: Yes, we are going to open an office in New York.

Is that necessary?
André: It is going really well, but you know, the Americans have kind of a short attention
span. If you talk to them everything is perfect, you are darling and sweetie. But as soon
as you turn your back on them ( leaving for Europe), they forget everything. It is the
American way of life. Daily life goes so fast and they have to continue on to other items.
We have to get used to their lifestyle. One day I talk to a person and the next day he
may not remember that any more….  

Can you deal with that?
I did have to get used to it, in the beginning it was hard, I would think I talked to him
yesterday and now he does not remember. but  oh well you get used to it.

You’have become big business, let’s see how you were doing in the States. (
a video clip
with pictures of New York, statue of liberty, the busses and the banner (Dan the banner
man!) André for president in 2008!)
. (in the clip Andre says, You know New York was
founded by the Dutch and now finally we come back, and he plays the National
)  Wow, that is very big and bombastic. Is it in you to think so big?
André: The USA is a very big country. You have to think big. If you cannot, don’t go
there. I think it is in me to think big, I like that, I have always done that. The distances in
the USA are enormous. Not to be compared with the Netherlands. In the States you
loose two hours for everything and we have to adapt. So I bought three new busses to
be permanently in the States. We used them for the first time this tour and it was
fantastic.   Taking planes with such a circus like ours, is not possible any more, for
security reasons. Dress and undress, pack and unpack every time, it became too

Is your orchestra like other famous bands? Do your orchestra members have groupies?
Do women throw themselves to their feet?
André: (laughing) Yes, they do!

And how do your orchestra members react on that?
André: They don’t react!

So you have a very decent orchestra!  And if that was not the case you would not say it.
André: No honestly, we have a very good atmosphere together. We know we are
dependent on each other, we make the product together. Nobody goes into town by
him/herself, we always go together. For if something would happen, we would not be
able to perform.  We are very close. One day, one of my girls was almost raped.
Almost, just in time other people came to rescue her. It happened in the toilets of a hotel
where a junk was having bad thoughts. But I’ll tell you, everybody in the orchestra was so
upset! It was very difficult for me to have them perform that night! So if really something
very bad would happen to one of my orchestra members, we surely cannot perform. So
we are careful.

And you? Do the fans send you things or do they follow you and how do you cope with
that? Do you talk to them?
André: No, I don’t give them any attention. We know them all. We recognize them, and
say: O, it is her or there she is again…..

Do you have a so called black list hanging in your busses with pictures and such?
André: Laughing, oh, no.

I heard you came up with a tour schedule? Two weeks on, two weeks off.
André: Yes, our philosophy is that we don’t want to be away from home for longer than 2
weeks.  We just got back and today I finally am back to the Dutch time, I guess.
Yesterday I was wide awake at 4.30 a.m. (jet lag), but today I slept till 7.30, a normal
time.  (
It is six hours later in Holland from Eastern time)

You are a real star, arriving by helicopter.
André: That has nothing to do with stardom.  As long as trucks here are allowed to pass
each other with 1 mile per hour and the Dutch highways are so crowded with trucks
passing each other, and so many traffic jams, that I prefer to take the helicopter.

Thank you André, we wish you lots of success in the USA and we are super proud of you!

For some time you can watch this interview on Dutch TV if you go to

scroll down click on Andre Rieu.  You can even click on the picture and get it full screen.
Andre Rieu translations
Fields of flowers from the sky.   Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths etc.   There is no prettier
place than Holland in Spring.   And I am not at all partial, it is only my home country.  
By helicopter from Maastricht to Hilversum, No traffic jams and beautiful Netherlands in
spring from the sky what a great way to travel.  
Andre Rieu
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