Radio-interview with Marjorie
          Daniel Dekker from Tokyo
                    November 1, 2004 /translation by Sonja


Dear Andre Friends

I figured out what I had to download to be able to listen to the Tros radio station. So I left my nice
and warm bed (really must be crazy) at 3:00am and listened to the last day of the radio program
from the Tros with Andre in Tokyo. I heard Andre in a short interview and he sounded like he had
weathered (no pun intended) the typhoon and earthquakes just fine. (More on that later)

Many of you have asked about Marjorie's interview. This is what I heard.

During a short interview with Andre the reporter Daniel Dekker said to him: "I have managed to
secretly get Marjorie's phone number and am going to call her later". Andre asked who gave it to
him and Dekker said he had taken it out of Andre's pocket while they were at the bar the
previous evening.
(I don't think Andre needs a slip of paper to remember his wife's number).

When I heard that Marjorie would be interviewed later I quickly went to get my tape recorder and
taped the interview. Now this is through the Internet and breaks up once in a while, so here and
there I had to make an educated guess about the words used.

When Daniel Dekker calls the first time the line is busy. (
Andre warning her about the call?) But
a little later she answers the phone after two rings:
(She sounds friendly and relaxed.)

DD: This is Daniel Dekker in Tokyo with Andre, this is great, how are you?
Marjorie: Yes, fine.

DD: Well, maybe this is a stupid question, but do you miss him?
Marjorie: Yes, of course, that is obvious, very much.

DD; Well, it would be possible that you think, peace and quiet while he is
gone for a few weeks.
Marjorie: Yes, the first days after the group has left everybody goes like, Pfff and is a little
relieved, because the last days before a tour are very stressful. Making sure everyone has their
visas and work permits and everything. So the first couple of days everyone is really kind of
relieved and I also have enough to do, I have enough distractions, I am never bored.

DD: I was just going to ask you that, maybe after the first days you think now I can do some of
the things that I personally very much like to do.
Marjorie: I always do that, when Andre is gone for a long time, I often use the time for myself to
do some things that I normally do not have time for.

DD: May I know what?
Marjorie: I still very much like to study, but of course I do not have much time for it and when
Andre is gone I often use that time to take some classes outside the country. This time by
chance I have not been away through circumstances but normally I am also gone a week or two,
and that is of course delightful, normally I never get to do that. Besides  I also have to keep the
circus here going. Our company is a little like a circus family, it is a very large family, and I see it
like: Andre is on the road with the grown ups and Ma stays home to watch the little ones. In
every way. (laughs)

DD: The two of you are a real close team, now already together for 29 years. You were there for
Marjorie: Yes, together we have built the company, the orchestra, and the whole music thing up
from the very early beginning. Since 1978, (start of Maastricht Salon orchestra) that is a long

DD: Yes, there is no light in between you two, they sometimes say that, right. (Marjorie laughs)
You two really are a close-knit team, right?
Marjorie: Yes, definitely.

DD: It is very nice that he plays the violin, but now I want to ask something very different. I am
sure you are involved with everything.
Marjorie: Yes, but it is fun. For instance I also know people who have a bakery together, or a
small grocery store or so, their whole life. That is kind of the way I see it. Oh, I hope he is not
insulted. (laughs) (
DD, ah, he doesn't hear it) A small grocery store. (still laughing)

DD: A grocery store with violins and an orchestra.
Marjorie: I would never want to be on the stage myself. I cannot do anything there; I have nothing
to look for on stage. But further the whole ... not only do I like the business side of it, but also the
artistic side. I have always loved music, my whole life long. And I always had a vague feeling that
someday I would marry an artist. I really thought more along the lines of an actor or a writer, but it
turned out to be a musician. Very nice. (laughs)

DD: And now your son Pierre is also involved with the whole circus.
Marjorie: Yes, he loves it. Both children have really liked it since they were very small, it is of
course enjoyable music that Andre plays, it appeals to many children and our children have liked
it from the early days, they always went with us. Marc went shortly after he was born with us to
one of the very first concerts. He of course, was also born in 1978. I can still see myself sitting
there with the baby carriage rocking back and forth to the music. (
DD, nice he?) (Marjorie laughs
and says:" yes, yes)

DD: Have you ever been to a performance here in Japan?
Marjorie: No, not in Japan and that really does have to happen sometimes. Not in America either
but in Europe of course I am with them very often. Certainly when we are doing new programs
than I accompany them a long time. (Marjorie was in Kerkrade, I saw her in the stands working,
and she had a notebook and phone.)  Together we draw up the plans for a new repertoire, and
we pick out the music, the decors, the costumes, etc.

DD: Yes, you also wrote a beautiful text, I think that was, last year 2003, a beautiful text: "Please
do not go"
Marjorie: Oh, yes, do you like it, thank you very much. (she sounded very modest and pleased) I
have written one now too. For 'Sakura' It will be on the German TV soon. It will be in German, of
course. Yes, I like to do that.

DD: Oh great, yes, that is very nice of course. Now when you are present... I have a reason,
when you are married 30 years next year you will just have to come too. Of course. You cannot
be ...
Marjorie: Together to Japan?

DD: Yes, of course, you cannot say that you have your 30th anniversary and you are apart for
that long.
Marjorie: Yes, but Andre wants to keep the... you can say business end, the performances, say
live on tour, he wants to keep that strictly separated from his private live. He would not...say if I
would go with him to Japan, he really would not during the day visit temples with me and then
give concerts in the evenings.

DD: Well, I am going to organize that for you. He will just have to do that.
Marjorie: No, no that will not work. He has said that himself too in a few interviews, and that is
very true. He is very disciplined, and you really have to, to be able to keep up this kind of life. He
really has that at home too. He studies often; he is always up early, goes to bed on time.

DD: Maybe he does not like it when you are with him, you are of course very critical.
Marjorie: Yes, but he does not mind that. No, he always likes to know what I think about things.
Which of course is kind of logical, we develop the programs together, and we tweak them for a
long time until we are both satisfied with it. And then I can let go. But if I go in between from: now
I think this or I think that, he does not see it as criticism, he looks at it as together making a
product, which we both like to have perfect.

DD: Dear listeners of the golden hours this is unique at this moment, we have Marjorie Rieu on
the phone. (
Marjorie laughs) It is true you never give interviews.
Marjorie: I have done it before. I have written a book about Andre a few years ago and have
done some radio interviews then. Further I keep myself in the background, with all the
advantages of that. I live more or less my own life, and I  like to keep doing that.

DD: I have seen the show in Japan and it was a perfect performance, and I assume that you
have made it up together with Andre.

Marjorie: Yes, I have watched it the whole year, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria.
I have seen enough performances that I have the utmost confidence that it will go perfect and
Pierre is of course now a big part of the show. And that is a wonderful feeling. Except for those
earthquakes, they are making me nervous. Pffffttt

DD: Yes, they made me nervous too, I have to say. I had to come to Japan. . But all is going well.
Pierre sits here across from me and he laughs. Yes, he sends his love.
Marjorie: Oh yes, thank you, give him a kiss from me.

DD: Yes I will do that, now although, I will let you do that yourself after this weekend. No, it is
going very well with all of them, and I liked talking to you.
Marjorie: Yes, I liked it too. (she sounded like she meant it)

DD: What are you going to do today, if I may ask?
Marjorie: I am at work. I am at the office and this afternoon I am going to the studio. There we are
busy with the new DVD, with posters, new tour program. I am going to meddle with it.

DD: And take your phone because I know after the show he always calls.
Marjorie: Yes, but before the show too, after the sound check, after dinner, he goes and takes
his nap. Before he goes to sleep he always calls too and he calls after the concert.

DD: If you talk to him before I do say hello from me. I want to thank you very much for this talk.
Marjorie: My pleasure.

DD: Have a nice day.
Marjorie: You too.

DD: Thank you, bye
Marjorie; Bye.

DD: Marjorie Rieu on the phone here in Japan, that was unique. How very nice.
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Andre Rieu, Marjorie Rieu