Just some interesting messages from Andre's guestbook.

Gaby Buirma-Rieu
Gaby (Andre's sister also wrote in his guestbook shortly before the
concerts in the Gelredome.
Dear Andre
Your site always looks beautiful!  We are looking forward to 14 and 15
September.  We "follow" you everywhere.
Much love from Caby and the rest of the family
Chris Alberts from Steyl,  August Monday, 13, 2007 12:29

Hi, by this route a message for Trumpet player Roger, I  hope they your trip
back from Italy was good and trouble free.  (you had enough bad luck, I
would say.    You were great neighbors on the Campground Isoling!!
Greetings from your neighbors at the Camping.   

An Apology
Feb, 2007
Many of you know by now that the Pierre
message was a hoax.   Some guy thought
it would be funny.   He apparently has been
using Pierre's name on the Forum on Radio4
for some time and other fans also 'talked' to
So I have egg on my face, sorry for the
misunderstanding, when it was posted in
Andre's guestbook I assumed it was

Since a few new fans asked me what happened, and there is again a bit of
controversy about this, I will explain what happened.
In Feb 2007, in Andre's guestbook there was a posting from "Pierre Rieu",
since it was in Andre's guestbook and they do not post negative things, I
thought it actually was Pierre.  Several fans asked me for a translation, and
I did translate the message.
It basically said the he, "Pierre" had gone to a concert in Amsterdam of
Gideon Kremer. (
I checked because I was a bit suspicious, but yes,
Gideon Kremer did have a performance in Amsterdam
) I did not keep the
exact translation, but "Pierre" compared Gideon Kremer with his "father"
and called Gideon a Old Stick, and that his "father" would do a much better
job with the music Gideon played.    The posting also mentioned that
"Pierre" was writing in a forum of a Dutch classical music radio station.  
I checked out the Forum and started talking to "Pierre".   The things he said
made me even more suspicious and then Monique Hoogzaad who had also
been 'talking' to this "Pierre" told me the guy faked his name, and also his
email address. (I had checked that too. PRieu@planet.nl) His real name is
Bram Heemskerk and he just thought it was funny. He actually is an Andre
fan, and a classical musician.   I would have never believed Pierre was
posting in a forum,  if it had not been in Andre's guestbook and am sorry I
translated the messages.   
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