translated by John deJong/Sonja

Waltz king Andre Rieu has left his violin at home and has completely surrendered himself to the incomprehensible magic
tricks of Hans Kazan. The group, Magic Unlimited, has produced specially for Andre, a romantic illusion.

Introduction music is being played.

Hans Kazan:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen, you are so kind for this nice welcome, and also for the viewers at
home, a hearty welcome in this theatre with the group Magic Unlimited. I do not really need to tell you about all the
magic tricks and illusions that you will see here tonight, some one will be elevated in to the air and than later, we have a
guest who will try to move an object purely through concentration. He does not know it yet, but he will be performing that
And who is our guest?  He is a very well known musician. One of a few artists from the Netherlands, known all around
the world. You can not walk into a music store anywhere in the world and you will find rows and rows of this CDs. When
he starts to play his violin, everyone spontaneously starts to waltz. You know whom I am talking about. The person now
entering, and give him a waltzing applause:  Here he is: ANDRE RIEU.
(The second waltz is being played as Andre enters)

“Andre, welcome and please have a seat”
Andre: Yes, yeah

Hans: You are used to this kind of reception, no matter where in the world you are.
Andre: Yes, no matter if we are in New York or in Tokyo, when we play the Second Waltz, every one rises
and starts to sway.

Hans: That must be fantastic? I can still remember many, many years
ago when you first got started and every one said: “That guy with his
violin, what will become of him?” And that now you have become
such a world success is something you can only dream about.
Andre: Absolutely. It was also my dream. I live in a dream. As a
small boy I always thought of traveling the world with my own
orchestra. And that’s what I do.

Hans: You have a dream that came true. I will show you something that also has something to do with dreaming.  So,
Andre. If you would look into this mirror what do you see?
Andre: (Looks in the mirror and makes a face) Ugh, Ugh  (Kind of a self conscious  laugh)

Hans and Andre both laugh

Hans:  You see yourself of course. We can turn this mirror around and you can tap on it to see if it is real. (Taps on the
mirror) That is important. I will take the mirror out of its frame, like so.
Hold onto the mirror very tight. It is important that you can see that it is just a mirror, nothing unusual.
Andre: Yeah, yeah (He looks at the mirror very carefully, touches it and
knocks on it)

Hans: Okay. We will put the mirror back in its frame. Okay. Everything checked? You know this mirror is a solid object
and you can not stick anything through it. Only if you really believe, or you really want to. Than you can do all sort of
wonderful things. So, what are we going to do with this mirror? We will just place him in this pouch. Nice that you are
helping me because it is a little difficult. Let’s close the zipper on top.
Andre: Okay

Hans: and here you have a knitting needle. Would you like to inspect that for me too? Hold the mirror right in front of you.
Andre: Yeah

Hans: Now I’ll show you something special. If you believe that this mirror not solid is, but believe that you can stick
objects right through it.
Andre: Yeah

Hans: than it is possible.
Andre: Yes

Hans: Just take the mirror and the needle and stick the needle right through the mirror. You can stick the needle through
it in several places. (Hans Kazan is sticking the knitting needle through the mirror in several places.
Andre: Can I do that too?

Hans: Yes, but what is even more interesting, not only does the needle go through, but we can make this mirror pliable
like this. You can even bend the mirror
very carefully in the middle.
Andre: Laughs and says:” Where is the other mirror?”

Hans: Now Andre—the nice thing is, there is no other mirror.
Andre: You’ve got me there

Hans: See, we can open the zipper of the pouch again and as you can see,
it is still the same mirror that you inspected and if you like, you
can re-inspect it again, if you like. Isn’t that something or not?
Andre: Yes, yes, beautiful (there is applause)

Hans: Magicians without card tricks are unheard of. So I brought two cards with me. What is on them is not important,
but what we are going to do with them is. I will fold this card into two, sort of like a tunnel. This one I will fold lengthwise,
the other card, the nine of clubs, I will fold in the width, like this. And, what am I going to do now?  With these cards I
have made a little tunnel. This one card fits over the other one; I will fold them inside out and than you can slide this one
card through the other one.
Andre:  Just a minute ago they were reversed.

Hans: Yes, see now they go this way and that is because this is a reversing tunnel. Look what happens when I push this
card back slowly, you see that this card turned itself inside out.
Andre:  (Laughs)

Hans: Yes, see, very well. Good. If he goes this way you see the back of the card.
Andre: Can I take this card all the way out?  (Andre reaches for the card and wants to pull it out)

Hans: Now, easy Mr. Rieu. You can not conduct me. Your orchestra, Yes, but not me (both laugh)
See, yes, you want to know how this reversal process takes places halfway in the tunnel?
I will show you. Just tear both cards in half and I will place them in front of you on the table. I will do it very slowly so
every one can follow me. I will place the tunnel down like this. You notice that one half of the card has the picture
showing and the other half shows the back. And of course you want to know what is in the tunnel. There is really
nothing inside. It is just a piece of playing card—absolutely nothing. And this card shows the back and the other side the
picture. And so Andre, both halves fit together as one playing card (applause) and those are all magic tricks. I always
say magic is a little extra, just like those who play music and wish for other things in like.

We will now watch Oscar, Renzo and Mara. They are going to perform something with a puzzle that has a wonderful
ending and I hope that you will enjoy their performance as much as I did during their rehearsal. We will watch them.
People at home too. And here in the studio we will give them a warm applause.

Oscar, Renzo and Mara do a very nice appearing act.  

Andre: Quite impressive, wasn’t it?

Hans: That was wonderful.  I always say that the wonders of the world have not yet ended. That you have a knack for
music is beyond any doubt, but than there are people who are somewhat artistically inclined. They often have a good
sense for colors too. Do you have an instinct for colors?
Andre: Yes, I think I do.  (Mmm, I remember some real bad color choices.          Click on face to see  
                                                                    some of Andre's fashion and color sense.)

Hans: yes, I have tried to get a connection with you. It is somewhat difficult because you are a very interesting individual
who is somewhat distant. (Andre looks shocked) At least I think so. But I still tried to connect with you. I am going to
predict which choice you will be making. I brought along three old fashioned articles. They are snap-purses.
Andre: Yeah, yeah

Hans: I will place them right here on the table and I will than tell you which color you are going to pick. And I hope I will
be correct
Andre, I will tell you which color you are going to select, the one you are thinking off right now? White, green or red.
Andre: Red—the color of love

Hans:  I will open the red purse which contains a little note—nothing else—and I will read it. That way the people at
home will also know what is written on it. Would you like to read the note and tell us what it says?
Andre: I have to put my glasses on.  “You picked the color—RED—“

Hans: How is that possible?
Andre: It says the same in all the purses.

Hans: You are quite a character, but you know something?  Do me a favor and pick one of the other two.
Andre: Green

Hans: That went real fast. He said: “green”.  We will see if there is a note in here too. I do not think so, but yes, there is.
Would you like to read this too?
Andre: Your second pick is GREEN

Hans: The second time you picked green. That means that I knew what your first choice was—RED—and the second—
GREEN—and I also knew that you would leave the white one behind for me, also empty, but no, it too contains a note,
but this one is a 100 Euro note that I am going to keep for myself.
Andre: Oh, thank you—yeah (Andre reaches for the 100 Euro note)

Hans: I will put these down, and I will tell you Andre, we have—don’t be so nosy—
Andre: I just wanted to see how you did that. (Hans has a cylinder, a glass and a coin on the table)

Hans: We have—I’ll just hide these in my hand—( the coin) I’ll tell you. Along with this TV program, we have a web site
where kids can learn to do magic tricks. If they click on to www.TROS.NL/Kazan then they can learn to do magic. Most
of the time I do a simple magic trick that is actually meant for children. But I—keep your hands off—( to Andre) but I will
show it anyway. I have here a coin—please examine it—just a plain coin. Nothing unusual. Andre is inspecting it with his
glasses on.
Andre: fifty euro cents

Hans: Fifty euro cents. Here is what we are going to do. Place the coin on this small piece of cardboard. This is a trick
that every one will be able to do tonight at home. Here we have a cylinder which sits on a piece of glass—wait a
second—the cylinder is empty, and what are we going to do with it? We will place the cylinder on top of the glass, like
so and turn the whole thing upside down and place the cylinder and the glass on top of the coin, like this. Keep you eye
on the coin.       
Andre: Yeah

Hans: Now it is going to happen. I bang on the table.
Andre: The coin is long gone.

Hans: No, No—why do you say that? The coin is still here—
when I hit the table, the coin will jump up through the glass—
there it goes—one, two, bang
Andre: (He said something but it was inaudible)

Hans: There, you see—here is the coin and it has moved out from beneath the glass. Isn’t that something?
Andre: Yeah, yeah, how did you do that?

Hans: I will tell you, I will tell you that.
Andre: I am curious

Hans: I will tell you Andre, that you can find it out when you visit our web site.
Andre: Ah so

Hans: So when you go home tonight, you get on your computer.
Andre: Yes, I will do that

Hans: And like all the other people you’ll click on, and the next time you will not only play the violin
superbly but you will also be able to do magic.
Andre: Is it possible to do it tonight already?

Hans: But of course. I will give you these to take home and than you can show everyone. And now something else.  
Many children learn these magic tricks and we have invited some whom we are now going to watch perform.
(Two children show of their Magic tricks to Hans of video.   Very cute, so try to watch it.)
Andre: She is going to be quite a magician. (He watched a little girl do  a trick)

Hans: You can say that again, and a comedienne too. Listen, we are going to talk about telekinesis. Telekinesis is a
fancy word for the movement of an object through the power of concentration
Andre: I find that fascinating.

Hans: Yes, it is. They have done a lot of research at the university to see if people could really move object by mere
Andre: Is that like something with spoons or so?

Hans: Yes, right—now there is one more trick that I want to show tonight. It has been done quite a bit, and it is done with
a matchbox—please inspect it very well—here is a wooden peg—nothing unusual—but check it any way so that later on
you can not say that there was something special about it. There is a hole in the box for a purpose.
Andre: I see

Hans: OK, push the peg all the way through the hole—just like that. The peg is right in the middle of the box. I will place
it right here—Here are also a couple of pieces of paper—you can fold them so the resemble something like a hat—I
have pre folded them; otherwise it would be too difficult.
Andre: Ahem, yeah

Hans: Hey, have you done this trick already?
Andre: Oh yes, lots of times

Hans: Really? Do you have a gift for that?
Andre: Absolutely. The whole thing will slide over the stage

Hans: Okay, let us see what will happen. I will show you. Just fold this point here—put it down like so. We will have to
balance the whole thing—that is important and most difficult. Okay, it will stay—in the earlier days there were people
who could make this supposedly move.
Andre: Ahem

Hans: What they really did was wave their hands just above it and blow on it very softly so you would see it move
Andre: Ahem

Hans: A lot of people believed it until some one found out how it worked. So you have to seal it off... That is why we
have a glass dome which we will place over this thing. You can blow all you want but you are not going to move that
paper. It is impossible. But you are going to try to make the paper move. I will beam you some kenosis by placing my
hand above your head, and that is it. Look deep into my eyes. Do you feel the power?
Andre: Yes

Hans: Okay, with you left hand you will keep your distance and concentrate on that piece of paper and you are going to
try to bring that piece of paper on that peg into motion through the power of thought.
And look how serious his expression is. Okay Andre and there it goes. See- it is actually moving—very good—keep it
going—very good, very good. Okay and relax again. It is unbelievable Andre, you managed t do it.
Andre: yes

Hans: Under a glass dome, an ordinary piece of paper.
Andre: Yeah

Hans: A normal wooden peg—you have made it move
Andre: Yes, yes

Hans: You made it move. You have done all kinds of things You made things move through the power of thought, you
have seen unsolvable puzzles—My last question, the all important question for you is—are you a romantic?
Andre: What do you think?

Hans: I think so.
Andre: Yes

Hans: Yes, so for you especially we are going to perform a very romantic illusion. I hope you will enjoy it—relax—and
just watch the show with all the folks at home and here in the studio. A hearty applause for Oscar, Renzo and Mara—
Magic Unlimited

(There is music and Renzo and Mara perform another illusion)

Hans: Andre, we have enjoyed having you as our guest, and hope you enjoyed the show.
Andre: I thought it was fantastic—it was spell bounding. You have to let me float sometime too!

Hans: We will definitely do that some other time, but now we have to say goodbye to our illusionists Oscar, Renzo and
Mara, Magic Unlimited. And a hearty applause for our guest, the one and only Andre Rieu
Andre:  Hey, hey
Andre as guest in the Magic show from Hanz Kazan.
This translation will lose a lot if you cannot watch it.  It is still on Hans Kazan's site and you can watch it if your
computer is fast enough.  If not you can always try watching it at your local library.   It is fun to watch Andre during
the tricks.  Click on the hat and it will take you to the website for the show.   Scroll down a bit and click on start
video.  If you click on 'groot formaat', it will give you a larger picture, click on 'volledig scherm' and it will give you a
full screen picture,
Andre with Mara, Oscar and
Hans Kazan
Ugh, Ugh                                                             Takes the mirror out.                                              Taps on the mirror while in bag
            I took these pictures from the computer, so they are not very good quality.
Hans bending the mirror.  
No magician without a card trick.                             Making a card tunnel                                        A minute ago they were reversed.
Can I take the card out?                                                        Reversing tunnel                                            Both half's fit together.  
Red-the color of love                                            You are quite a character!                                Interesting individual, but distant
Keep your hands off, do not be so nosy
I was spell-bound and you have to let me float sometime too.
Concentrating hard to make the paper move.