Dutch TV program RTL-Boulevard
                         September 12, 2002
                                   Translated by Sonja   

In America they call him "The Mel Gibson of the violin".  

Next week he will play in the sold-out Ahoy Hall in Rotterdam (09-21-02), and then follows a tour through
Asia, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and on and on.  And he wants more; he wants to go into politics!!!  
I would like to change the world and resolve all the traffic jams.  I think I will start a new political party.

His ambitions are far reaching, but for the time being his music comes in the first place.
When people come to a classical concert they sit up straight, and they scarcely dare to talk of even breath.  I
want to break through that stereotype, because boys, even Mozart was an ordinary guy, who drank and
made love all day long, so please let us act normal again at concerts”.

Andre has sold 15 million CDs; he has fans throughout the world.
It is really nice to see that my fans come from all walks of life.  They go from young to old and from professor
to cleaning ladies, domestic managers, as it is called these days.  It can be just anybody and that is great

Just like all the other male stars around the world, Andre gets special attention from his female fans.
Yes, I too get panties sent in the mail. (
starts to laugh heartily)  No, I go through many more nice things
during the concerts.   At one time a lady came in a wheelchair and during the encores she became so exited
that afterwards she walked right out.   See, then I think what I do really is valuable.

Everything Andre touches turns to gold.  Five years ago he even bought his own castle.  But he stays, as he
says himself, a very ordinary guy.
Well, that very big and popular is very relative, what is big and popular?  You can express it in CDs, you can
express it in fame, I don't really see it that way, I will just remain myself.
Please, will the real Andre stand up?????