Andre Answers some VIP questions.
                                            ' De Limburger'/ August 27, 2002
Translation and drawing by Sonja

More than 7000 music lovers enjoyed the open air concert of Andre Rieu on Sunday evening.  The popularity of
the 'stehgieger' from Maastricht also became evident through the large amount of questions that came in by

Cecile Mertens from Weert noticed that Andre Rieu stands during the whole performance.  How does he
keep that up?  Is he in such good shape?
I have two reasons to stand all the time, explains Rieu.  I cannot sit still and I can keep a better eye  on the
orchestra. And visa-versa the orchestra can see me better.  I have to be in good shape or I would not be able to
keep up with this hectic life style.  I demand the utmost of myself but also of my 130 employees.  When we go to a
performance there always is a bus with exercise equipment with us.  I myself am a avid jogger.

Jochem Rietjens from Neerderweert asks when Andre and his orchestra will discover tsjech. music.
Andre Rieu answers:  Tsjech music is beautiful but there is so much wonderful music.  I plan to keep on
performing, and to become 120 years old and produce a new CD every year, so the tsjech music will get a turn too.

Is it true that you have your own airplane? asks W. Peipers-Janissen from Assenray.
Our company even has two planes says Andre, without arrogance.  When I travel for longer distances with the
orchestra in Europe we use a jet plan a Fokker 27 Fellowship.  When I have meetings I
use a smaller prop plane.  
The planes are parked just across the border in Belgium.

Because it is not possible to have all VIP-questions here, we will give you some more of the answers.

The enormous open-air stage on which we performed in Roermond is used for the whole European open-air tour.

In October my orchestra and I will travel to the far-East.  We will be performing in Japan, Korea and China.  
Australia and New Zealand are not on the agenda yet.

I have during performances sheet music on the stand, but I never look at it.
I know the music we play by heart after just two practice sessions.