Andre at the Johannes Kerner Show
                    ZDF German TV, Nov 2006
Translation/interpertation Ineke Cornelissen/ Sonja

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The Johannes Kerner show.

Besides Andre Johannes Kerner has three other guest at this night's talk show.

Johannes Kerner notices the decoration on the lapel of Andre's suit.   Andre
says he received the medal from the Dutch queen and he is very proud of it.
He is a knight in the order of the Dutch lion and it is a honor medal and title, given by the
queen, for his work.   (
the decoration for every day is just a small ribbon, and that is what Andre
wore on the show, not the big medal in the picture

Johannes Kerner says in Holland people are singing “I am from German blood” al the time.
Andre agrees. In our National Anthem (named The Wilhelmus), our first Dutch prince (William
of Orange) says: I am from German ancestors, so I have German blood. Our royal family has a
lot of German blood, so has the English royal family and most of the European royal families.  
Andre sings a few lines of the Dutch national anthem. (The Wilhelmus).

The next discussion is about growing up in a large family. Kerner asks Andre: You grew up in
a large family, did you like that, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
                                            Andre: We had 6 children at home, 2 girls older than I, I
                                            am in the middle, and three children younger than me. I did
                                            not experience many disadvantages. A lot of brothers and
                                            sisters can be very nice, or not!   Always friends to play with,
                                            very often I had to take care for my younger brother and
                                            sisters.  I did not mind that, I had no problems sharing toys.

                                           Andre says Germany needs more children. He read an article
                                           written by a professor in Heidelberg, which said: if Germans
                                           continue like things are now, there will be no more Germans
                                           in the future, and the German culture will disappear. So the   
                                           western world needs more children.

Kerner talks about recent discussions in Germany about
discipline problems with youngsters as a result of the anti
authoritarian way of raising children. Kerner asks: were your
father and mother strict? Andre: yes!  And I was strict as well
for my sons. Strict but fair.
Andre believes in a loving and caring education with lots of
attention for the children, but strict at the same time. Children
want to have rules. If you are not clear in communicating your
rules,  it is going wrong. Children need boundaries.  6 o’clock
at home means 6 o’clock at home. Democracy is fine, but
someone has to be the boss.
Kerner: If they did not obey, what was your punishment??
Andre: We never came so far having to punish them.
Musicians have to develop certain disciplines from a young age. You cannot play a musical
instrument well without daily practice.

                                                  Kerner: What about your adolescence?
                                                  Andre: I was very late. About 25, when I discovered         
                                                  freedom. At that time I felt like a hippie, with colorful
                                                  clothes and earrings and chest hair (which I did not
                                                  have). But that period did not last very long.
                                                  Kerner: Did you explore modern music?
                                                  Andre: Oh, no, Beatles, Pink Floyd or the Rolling stones
                                                  were forbidden at home. Just classical music was           
                                                  allowed.  For me the appreciation for new styles of music
                                                  came from Marjorie and later on from my two sons, as    
                                                  well.  I only know good and bad music.

Kerner: how disciplined is Akim?
Andre: Very disciplined. He is 5 years by now. He gave his first
concert at the age of 3. He played with us in the New York
concert. Unbelievable. He also sang the Pie Jesus with Carla
Maffioletti. That is very difficult. Akim said: I can sing, for I sing
daily before going to bed, with my mom and grandmother.
Andre tells he is supporting Akim mentally and financially and
he wants the boy to stay a nice child. Akim has a very strong
character, wants to be the boss. If we are together I have to
make clear that there is only one boss, and that is me! But he
is a happy child, he laughs all the time and it is a pleasure to
be with him.

About the Gospel choir: Kerner: You were the waltz king, and now you add black music to your
show. Andre: Yes, I invited them to come to Maastricht in July. In the beginning they were
nervous, but it turned out to be very successful. Now they will join me to Germany, for a few
concerts in November. They are a tsunami of energy and joy.
Dinner at the Rieu family.
Andre on the left
Andre and Jean-Philippe
Adolescent Andre