10 Questions for Andre Rieu
                                        TROS magazine/ Translations Sonja
                                             Thank you Janny van Wingerden

Question 1:  What do you miss most on TV?
Andre        :Good drama, I do miss that a bit.  For instance on our first
black and white Television we watched, ‘Van oude mensen, de dingen
die voorbij gaan’ ( Older TV program ‘From old people, things that
will pass’)

Question 2:  Which of the things you have done for Television, do you like best?
Andre       : I like my specials best.   I find it very exciting to make those.  And when you
then find out that they rerun them frequently and people still watch the reruns, that is a
nice bonus.

Question 3: Would you like to present a program yourself?
Andre       :  I present my specials in my own way, and I find that a nice way to present the
music to the public, but if I could present a program myself……?  Who knows....   
did present the specials ‘Zauber der Music’ together with Barbara Wussow for the
German TV station  ZDF.  The specials were on ZDF three years in a row.  One filmed in
Salzburg, one in Maastricht and one in Vienna, they are great programs with a variety of

Question 4:  What is your biggest Dream?
Andre       : My biggest dream is to stay healthy and to be able to continue to bring the
classical music to the public.   With my music I want to bring a bit of happiness to the

Question 5: What was your first job?
Andre      :  In my vacation I worked for a paper factory.  I wanted to take a summer class
and my parents decided that I had to earn the money for it myself.  I worked the late night
shift and had to move gigantic rolls of paper.  I got such a roll on my toes once and that
hurt! They weight a thousand pounds.

Question 6:  What was your biggest mistake?
Andre       :  I am not really sure, I still have to make it, I think.

Question 7: Who is your biggest example (mentor) ?
Andre       :My biggest example is Herman Krebbers,  I have
had lessons from him, and when I study I often think of him.

Question 8:  What do you hope the fans will say about you?
Andre       : I hope my fans think I am a nice guy who has brought
them pleasure with his music.

Question 9:  What is your worst character trait?
Andre       :  I am very impatient, I always want things done yesterday.

Question 10:  What irritates you the most?
Andre         : In general I do not get irritated very quickly.  Maybe artificial flowers in Hotel
rooms, I really dislike that.  There you have a beautiful suite and there is a large bunch of
artificial flowers, Then you are better of without anything.  
(Funny, I use to think the same
way, must be Dutch, but flowers in Holland are inexpensive and here they are very
expensive, so now I too have some silk flowers.)
Zauber der Music. Andre and Barbara Wussow presentors.
Herman Krebbers