Just for fun.
I have always heard Andre has a good sense of humor, so I think he would enjoy this.  I hope so.
 by Sonja
Our Hero,     Andre as D'artagnan
Now I do not mind looking under this skirt.  
No, really I am not going to look to see
if the rumors about kilts are true.
I told you so!!!
Now honestly, Johannes,  that fish was this big.  
It is not so comfortable, but is sure gets great gas milage.
Sigrun, this is why I was so very
happy with the socks.
(For those who do not know our
German fan Sigrun knitted socks
for all the orchestra members).
I really tried to stop her from leaving.
Andre , Just a kid at heart.
The inner child coming out.
arghhrrr, arghrrr, No pain, no gain
Andre's guest act for next year.
The Godfather IV
If Teun ever forgets that whistle again I am going to
turn him over my knee too.  
He may be tall but if he gets out of line, he will find
out his old man can still turn him over his knee
Yoo-hoo, St Petrus are you
there.  Clara is on vacation and I
need dry weather again, for my
concerts in Vienna and
Maastricht, please.
The first time I heard the Harlem
Gospel Singers they really were
I will tell you a secret, I really just
come to the US for those great
We all liked that quilt Maggie
gave me so much we started a
quilting bee.
(see inspired fans)
Please, do not tell
Pierre that I
borrowed his Teddy
If anyone has a fun picture
with a text for this page,
please send it to me to share
with the other fans.
Oh no, My nightmare come through.   A new program and only two
tickets sold. .
Making some extra money, in the New York subway
Darn, who forgot to send
that sausage to Clara.  
Darn, they forgot to tell me it
was a costumed party.  Oh well I
am going as Andre Rieu.
Little did I know what
I all had to do when I
became  a musician.
Gambling for the Strad???   Could that be what
happened to the first Stradivarius???
Who can come up with a funny
text for this one?
One way or another, I will win Marjorie that big pink bunny!
Honestly, I did not steal that apple pie!
(Andre in Wonderland 3 on www.andrerieu-movies.nl)
I just have to keep that circus I travel with happy and sweet.