My personal pictures with Andre and the JSO
Andre Rieu
Voor Sonja (Dutch for Sonja)
Andre Rieu
   Columbus OH April 26, 2002
Even though I have known about Andre and been a fan of his
music since 1994. This was the first time I actually met and
talked to him.   
Andre Rieu autograph
      July 10, 2003 in Aachen, Germany
We met again in Aachen, when I brougth him a basket full of letters from
US and Canadian fans.  
Andre Rieu
Indianapolis, Ind.  April 29, 2004
After help with his promotion here, I was invited to the Meet and Greet in
Indianapolis.  I received several thank you gifts, including an Andre
mousepad.   I brought then three year old Cassandra.
Andre Rieu
Kerkrade, the Netherlands July 10, 2004
In Kerkrade I had something special planned and was invited to a
special Meet and Greet to give it to Andre. Monique and Thea came
with me and offered these flowers for his 25 years on the stage.
Andre Rieu
Cincinnati, OH   May 2005
In Cincinnati I was able to talk on PBS during Andre's concerts.  The
fun thing was people recognized me at the concert.
Franco Vulcano
Franco Vulcano
Franco Vulcano
Franco Vulcano
With Franco in Chicago
With Franco in Maastricht
With Fanco in Cleveland
Ruud Merx
Lin Jong, Ruud Merx
Lin Jong, Ruud Merx
With Ruud and Lin in Maastricht.  
Oops,  forgot to take of the glasses. :-)
With Ruud in Indianapolis
Carmen Monarcha
Carla Maffioletti
Roland Lafosse
With Carmen in Maastricht
With Carla in Maastricht
With Roland in Kerkrade
Roger Diederen
Pierre Rieu
Manoe Konings
With Roger.
With Pierre and Cassandra
With Miko, MIreille son.
Franco Vulcano
Suzan Erens
With Suzan in Toronto
Marc Rieu
With Marc in Maastricht
With Manoe in Columbus