Hi Andre
I went to my first concert last
night with my mom, dad and
grandma, and had a
wonderful time.
I danced my first Blue
Danube Waltz with my
parents and later went on
stage on your arms.
You then tried to get me to
sleep with a bedtime tune. I
did sleep like a baby on my
way home with a full smile of
a great concert.

Amaia Gomez 4 months old  
from Philadelphia PA
Amaia Gomez in Reading
with Dad and Grandma
                                 Concert in Reading, PA
                                          May 26, 2008

During the May 26, 2008 concert in Reading something special happened.    It was
the best concert I have been to in the US.   The atmosphere was amazing right
from the start.   The sold-out hall was enthusiastic and on their feet applauding
after every song.  Not just a few fans in the front but the whole sold-out audience.  
Andre and the JSO were clearly excited and enjoying themselves tremendously.  
On the big screen we had seen a couple with a baby dancing during several songs
the baby between them in a carrier.   During the encores the couple came to the
front and danced in front of Andre.    He motioned to them to give him the baby, he
actually put his Stradivarius down and took the baby and danced with her all over
the stage.  It was an impromptu and fun moment and I thought it would be nice for
all the fans to see.   
Amaia was 4 month old and her Grandmother
wrote me a note and send me some extra pictures.
Laurie too had some great pictures as did some
other fans.   
Andre & JSO, what a wonderful show in READING, PA we didn't want it to end,
even 4 month old Amaia was content in your arms when you danced with her
on stage. Have a safe trip back home.
Peace, love & happiness to all and thanks for sharing your life with the world.
Maggie Emerick from Fleetwood PA
Amaia with her
Margaret Emerick
Let me have that little fan.
Mmmmm, it looks to me like Andre would like to be a grandpa.
I think he will make a great honorary grandpa for Kerstin's little baby.