Andre and his fans!
Here I will post pictures of Andre and his fans, so if you have a picture with
Andre sent it to me and I will add it to the site
With Maggie Worman
With Laurie Crowley
With Sigrun Heartel
With Eileen Olin
With Monique Hoogzaad and Thea Buijs
With Ursula Grenzebach
With Alice Lycan and Carmen
Dan Lycan. (Dan the banner-man)
With Bonnie Lesman
With Nettie Welton
With Gillian Lueng
With Pat Mallen
With Brian Schroder
Brian's grand daughter Rebekkah
With Cassandra
With Ina Stobart
Ingrid de Jong and Suzie Henesi
With Nancy Starke
With Junko  Masako
With Cathy Camarda
With Trudy Klapperich and Susan
With Beatte Gundler
With Peggy Granz
With Lil Sauer
With Lise Brailt
With Shirley Kirk
With Ruth and Jim Morgan
With Ruth Morgan
With Paula Turcotte
With Ellen Mak
With Elke Freitag
With Joe Fabrizio
With Judith Pearson
With Rosemarie Friedl
With Bobbie de Jong
With Mireille Jourdan