Dirty Hands
                     He may be a world famous violinist but he too, sometimes has to get his hands dirty!!   

 The Walk of Stars in Vienna
                                                           31 January, 2006

The Olympic Walk of Stars in Munchen
                                                         February 18, 2004

The European Walk of Fame in Rotterdam
                                                                April 15, 1997

Right in the heart of the Netherlands’ most modern city, Rotterdam. lies the European
‘Walk of Fame Star boulevard’, one of the fastest growing attractions in Rotterdam.
Following the example of Hollywood’s famous ‘Walk of Fame’, celebrities of national
and international renown have left their hand- or footprints in concrete, to be admired
by all who pass.

"I was delighted to officially ‘open’ the ‘Walk of Fame Europe’, and continue to be
proud to serve as your honorary chairman."
Johnny Grant,    Mayor of Hollywood and Chairman of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Andre also made his hands dirty for this Walk of Fame.
The tile was made in Rijswijk (suburb of The Hague, my hometown) on April 15, 1997  
The lady from the Rotterdam Walk of Fame was very kind  and sent me these pictures of Andre having dirty hands

For more information about the 'Walk of Fame' in Rotterdam please go to
the site is in English.