On October 21, Andre returned to N. America for another tour.  He started in Portland, OR. followed by Seattle,
Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Minneapolis/St Paul, spent Halloween in Lincoln, then on to Denver  and
ended this Fall tour in Salt Lake City  on November 2.  
Several fans sent me pictures of the concerts they went to and here are some of the best.  I do have to apologize I
do not remember who all sent pictures.   I do know Al Girard sent some great pictures, but there are several other
fans who also sent their pictures.    So if you see one of more of your pictures here, please let me know and I will be
happy to give you credit.  Thank you to all the fans who sent pictures and I promise to keep better track of names
next time.
2006 Fall Concert tour                                                 
Kremi Mineva                              Tanja Derwahl                        Linda Custers                   Freya Cremers                        Jet Gelens
Sue Berry made this great graphic for us.