Castle Sweet Castle
I have another page about Andre's Castle on the Misc page of this site. You can find some history and architectural
information of Andre's Castle (
de Torentjes) on that page or you can click the link here.   But there seems to be
quite a bit of interest in the Castle.  So I have decided to make a picture page with castle pictures.   Some of these
pictures are also on other pages of this site, but there are also new ones.  I just put them all together in one place.  
When I find or get more pictures of the Castle and the inside I will post them here.  Some quick information, Andre says
he does not live in the Castle but in a regular house within walking distance from the Castle.  He uses the Castle for
promotion purposes and he does have some offices there.   He slowly but surely is renovating the Castle.  He bought
his Castle on September 11, 1999 for 1.458.450,-- Euro. It was in bad shape and needed and still needs quite a bit of
restoration.  In old pictures you can see the house number on more recent pictures the number has been digitally
removed.   If you stand in front of the gate the number is on the gate.
The back of the Castle
From the side
From the front
The Front Gate
The path behind the front gate
The path leads here.
The Back gate
Pict. Breur Henket
This house is part of the Castle complex.
You can see it in the sky picture.   It was
in ruins and is now being renovated.  
Pict Breur Henket
In an older picture Andre
showed his plans for an Atrium
on Castle grounds
Here is the progress he has
made on the Atrium so far.  
This picture collage hangs in the hall of the Castle.  It is Andre, Marjorie and their Orchestra family in the Castle garden.  .
         The Kitchen
Is the oldest part of the Castle and is from 1552
Dining room(s)
Living room(s)
Andre says he is not sure how many rooms there are in the Castle.  He says that many rooms are not entered for
Castle Wall decor
Paintings of Andre and Marjorie Rieu
Autograph on the wall.
Gold Record
Home sweet home
These pictures are from around 1997 before Andre owned the Castle and these are in his home.   The dog is Xander