Andre's Color Sense

Some pictures with Andre's interesting sense of color and fashion.
Please understand this is in fun, I love him no matter what he has on.
He has said himself he is kind of a slob and someone chooses his clothes for him  for interviews and
I will add pictures whenever I find another fashionable one or if you sent one I think needs to be here.   
This must be his lucky suit.
He has worn it out.
Sigrun and I bought ties to
go with this suit, because
his choice was so bad.  
This pink would look so
much better with dark blue!
Same green suit, pink shirt and yellow and brown tie.  He
also wore this outfit also with a light blue shirt.  
That is why we went and tried to pick out ties to go with
it. the pink, green combination and the blue, green
combination.  Not easy.    He said thank you, but we
never saw him wear them.   
Maybe he borrowed it
from one of the girls.  
Let's hope so.
He must have borrowed
it. It looks to small too.
Like I said yellow is a favorite
color. But Yellow leather.
Big bird? I know yellow
is a favorite color but this
goes a bit far
I guess Marjorie was not around to
cut his hair that time, do you think it
was the  first time he did it himself? If
so he learned from it.   Again that
Yellow-brown tie, but with a much
better combination here than with
pink and green, or blue and green.
For some reason my first thought was blue
footed boobie.
Oh, I am getting so bad.
Please, let this be a robe.
Not very flattering.  
This is a good color combination, and I like it, but it is unusual.
Fashion clout.  He turned the whole Hall pink.
Pict sent by Barb Wilson
Are there also red footed boobies???
Pict sent by Barb Wilson.
I think he is very color coordinated.
Like I said, I would
love him anyway.