“The Telegraaf” of Sept. 30th 2006.
                                    Translation Ineke Cornelissen/Sonja

The internationally famous violist André Rieu now has a hotel suite named after
him.  In his hometown Maastricht, the design-hotel “Derlon”  named one of the
new suites after Rieu.  To emphasize the authenticity, the violin player not only
inaugurated the suite himself, but also left one of his international awards
(the World Music Award given to him in Monaco) behind safety glass in the room.

“Half of the year I spend my life in hotels all over the world” Rieu said. “But
in Maastricht, I always sleep at home. Still it is nice to know that I now have my
own hotel suite here in Maastricht, (
maybe for when he is in the doghouse?             )
even if the room can be booked by everyone and the profits do not go to me, but
to the hotel owner Benoit Wesly.”

Spontaneously he tested the bed together with Gerd Leers.
the major of Maastricht).

The André Rieu suite is part of a new expansion of the Derlon hotel.  Benoit Wesly arranged with pastor Alfons
Kurris that he would be allowed to use the treasury of the “Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basiliek” for a period of 50
years. “After that period, we will see again”, the hotelier said.

Recently the French-Belgium patissier José Jeanpierre opened a
subsidiary at the ground floor of the hotel. Jeanpierre is known as
the Paul Bocuse (
a French chef, considered one of the finest of cooks
of the 20th Century
) among patissiers.
" I prefer these treasures” said Rieu, “these taste much better”!
The pastor remarked “Yes, but they are gone in no time”.

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The hotel is on
the 'Onze Lieve Vrouwe Plein'.
Hotel Derlon
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein
6, 6211 HD Maastricht,
Almost looks like he tried out the bath tub also.