Waltzertraum is only
available in PAL from
Andre's boutique

Pal or NTSC what is the difference???
                                                             Text Sonja

Many times I have been asked if we can play PAL videos and DVDs here in the States.  Over
the years the Andre's boutique has become better about offering the DVDs in both PAL and
NTSC, and I believe that now the one DVD only available in PAL is Waltzertraum.

PAL is the European Television and recording format.  There are more vertical lines of pixels
in the PAL format than in our NTSC format.   I am no expert on this, but know a little bit about
it, from dealing with it since I moved here.

Videos in PAL or tapes from TV programs overseas can only be played in the US with a
special converting VCR, I have a  Samsung 5000, and that works fine, but you do lose some
quality.   They run about $450.00.    I bought mine from Walmart.com.  With this VCR I can
play videos recorded by a camcorder and programs taped from TV.  So for me this is great
and I am able to watch home-movies made by family members and friends in Holland and TV
programs they tape for me.   The other option is a PAL VCR and a multi system TV, which
gets to be pretty expensive.  

DVDs are simpler, all DVDs are digitally recorded and they add a region code on the DVDs.  
If you need a new DVD player buy one which is region free, they cost about the same as
regular DVD players with our region one code on it, you just have to know about it and ask. If
you can not find one locally they can be found on the internet  If you already have a player,
some can be changed to be region free.  Ask your repairman.  Some are very simple but
every player is different,  I have a Sony which does not play PAL DVDs, I also have a cheap
Apex AD-1000 DVD player which plays any foreign discs without a problem.  I bought this
player for $50.00 at Walmart for my foster children. There are also some hack sites on the
web that may be able to help.  Amazon.com has a region code free DVD Player for sale for
around $70.00 ($81.00 with shipping) The Apex AD-1600. It is not a first class player but it
works just fine, and it plays all DVDs and many other discs.  
For the price it is a nice player with for us Andre fans the bonus that it plays PAL DVDs. One
of the fans who write me has bought this player and she is very happy with it.  She bought
Waltzertraum and it plays great.
I have had my DVD player about two years and it was used by my teenage foster children so
it has seen some abuse.  I did not know that it played all zones, I discovered it by accident.  I
had found a website which told you how to make DVD players region free, so I wanted to try
it and bought Andre's 'La vie est Bell' with the extra bonus DVD (only availabel in PAL), when
it arrived I tried to play it on my Sony, (after I tried the hack) no such luck.  Sony players turn
out to be very hard to change.  So I tried the Apex player and it just played it. no hacks or
changes necessary.

If you still have more questions, check
http://www.regionfreedvdplayers.com/codefreedvd/bigfaq.html which has a good explanation
of regionfree players and sells modified more expenxive models.
You can also check
 http://www.regionfreedvd.net/index.html which has suggestions for trying
to modify your own player.
I do not know anything about these sites, just found them on the web, while I was looking for
a solution.  I hope this is helpful.

www.Ebay.com also has quite a few region code free DVD players, if you would consider
buying from the auction-site.

I have bought a new DVD player from Ebay.  My Apex 1000 finally bit the dust and I needed
a new DVD player that could play PAL.     I bought a Phillips  DVP642 for $45.00 plus
shipping.  It plays just about everything and has a nice clear picture.  It does need some
adjustments before it will play PAL. bit they are  not too hard.