May, 2006
From the Limburger.

André Rieu opens an office in New York in September. Due to his success in
the United States, his Maastricht base can  no longer be the ' basis '  from which matters are regulated.  "It is a
combination of necessity and pure need '', says Kerstin Cornelis,  tour manager and press coordinator for André Rieu
Productions. "From New York can we improve and  anticipate on the popularity of André in America. Then you must
think  of marketing, financial matters and contacts  ''. One of the employees Mr Roel van Veggel of André Rieu
Productions will man the office in New York for the next three years. After the three nearly sold out Vrijthof concerts
on 14,  15 and 16 July, Rieu will travel to New York. On 29 July he perform a concert in the famous Radio City Music
hall,which will be taped and will later be brought out on DVD and on TV. In October, November and December he will
give several concerts in America and Canada.

June 29
Just a little sidebar about the tour in the USA.    As you all know there were special "All Access packages" available
this past tour.   All Access with Andre and the JSO, what a wonderful treat.  Several of the fans who visit this site
were able to afford to get the expensive "All access"  tickets.   Our friend Mary Ann was one of the lucky ladies to
spend the day with Andre and his JSO.   She wrote about the day on the Parlor, but did not mention the present
every All access fan received.
In San Diego I saw Kerstin Cornelis give two wine boxes to a couple of fans who had bought the all access tickets.  I
asked MaryAnn about it and she told me she had received one too, as did
everyone who had bought the All access
MaryAnn was holding out on us until the end of the tour, so it would be a surprise for the other fans who bought the
All access ticket too,  
Everyone received a beautiful Cherry wood wine box, with Andre's name on it, including are a
bottle top and corkscrew bottle opener.
Now that the tour is over and all the fans have their box, MaryAnn was kind enough to send us some pictures of her
wine box.   Thank you, MaryAnn
This fun picture Sue create with       Sue also was able to take some exclusive pictures from a
three pictures of Andre during a       tape Ruth had of volunteering for PBS.  Sue took some shots of
soundcheck in Maastricht                   Andre dancing.  Even in 1997 he could dance, as we can
                                                           see in these pictures.   These are all pictures made by Sue for
                                                           the enjoyment of the Andre's fans who come to our website.   
Original from newspaper                After some work                                           End result, A real Stud Muffin
MaryAnn on the picture with Andre
and he even signed it for her.   
Sue does not only give us a
tremendous amount of new
information, but even does
much behind the scenes.   
Work the fans do not see, but I
would like to give you an
example of here.    We
received an
article from Jann with a picture
we both thought was just
great.  A stud muffin as the
Aussies call him.    However it
was not very clear and it had a
bad crease right over Andre's
face from the paper fold.  His
hair was sticking out a bit and
his name was over the picture.
   Sue spent many hours on
this picture to make it look just
wonderful.   She was able to
remove the crease, removed
the name.   
This year was especially nice for me.  I celebrated my birthday in front of the Andre's stage for the fourth time,
but this was definitely the first time two sopranos sang a private song for me.   Mirusia sang the Dutch
birthday song "Lang zal ze leven" and Carmen sang Happy Birthday.   I was thrilled and honored. What fun.  I
also received the newest CD "You never walk alone' signed by Andre for my birthday.   Several fans gave me
gifts and fun cards and Ruud en Ineke had a little party in their room for me after the concert.  It was terrific.  
Thanks to all of you.