Websites of JSO Members

Suzan Erens' myspace site

Carla Maffioletti's myspace site  

Carmen's myspace site

Mirusia's myspace site
Mirusia's home page.

Bela Mavrak's website

The three Platin tenors website

This site will show you what Renate Dirix is doing.
(With JSO for many years. One of original Andre Sisters.)

Here you can find Marc Doomen's homepage.
(JSO long-time French horn player).

Jo Huijts new home page.  
(JSO's long-time pianist)
Jo Huijts, conductor leudalsingers

Jean Philippe Rieu's new website.
Andre's younger brother, wrote several compositions with Andre.

Website of Jan Baruschke
Here you can see whay Jan is doing after the JSO

Website of Kelly God
Kelly sang 'Lost Heroes' This site is in German