The Fan picnic in Maastricht July 2006
                                                                                 Ineke and Sonja

On Saturday July 15, at noon we had arranged for fans to get together in the
city park.  We had put notices about the meeting in Andre's Guest book in
several languages.  We put it in several fan site guest books.   

We met with 50 fans with all kinds of different nationalities!
It was great to meet so many new fans and now be able to put a face to many
we had previously only written to.   Of course, there were also fans we met
before and it was great to see them again.   

And…. O, surprise!! The Limburg nightingale came specially for us to sing his
song (without the serenade of Tosselli!!). He was in the tree above us, stayed
a long time and sang all the time!! Did you ever read the Celestial Prophecy??
Than you know: coincidence does not exist! He knew we were there in the
honor of André! And he gave his tribute.
We were all very honored to
have this very special guest.
The Limburg Nightingale!!!
Picture by Ron Hoogzaad
Ingrid,  Marijke, Gemma and Nand
Sigrun, Frank, his wife, Ron, Judith,  
Res, John and Ruud
Arie, Elke, Beate, Marlene and Anne
Mom (Leida)
John, Mom and Bobbie
Sigrun, John, Sonja, Mom and Bobbie
Jack, Sylvia and Teresa
Elke Frietag
Teresa and Sonja
Monique, Elke and Thea
Elke, Marlene, Beatte and Christa
Wim, Janny, Maria, Monique, Thea,
Judith, Ron, Sonja and Ineke
Thea and Monique
Fan Meeting Location
The  following fans were at the fan get together on July 15, 2006
Ruud Elshout and Ineke Cornellisen
Sonja Harper
Leida Huisert
Judith Huisert
Renee Epars
Jannie and Wim Wingerden
Monique and Ron Hoogzaad
Teresa Priest
Ruth and Jim Morgan
Mieke and Harry van Spanje
John and Mary Reburn
Frank and Mrs Mathews
Ingrid van der Spek
Marijke Stienissen
Gerard and Riet van Beuken
Maria and Harry Smits
Maggie Worman and Robin
John and Bobbie de Jong
Res de Jong
Arie Bussemaker
Elke Bleifering
Beatte Dahl
Christa Schobe
Elke D
Sigrun Haertel
Anne Manning
Elke and Nino Frietag
Elsbeth and Bob Clausen
Jack and Sylvia Morris
Laurie and Noel Crowley
Ellen Weber and Sharon Polsky
Den Haag, the Netherlands
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Den Haag, the Netherlands
Bemmel, the Netherlands
Geneve, Switzerland
Freiburg Germany
H. I. Ambacht, the Netherlands
Haarlem, the Netherlands
Worting, England
Incline Village, CA, USA
Grijzegrubben, the Netherlands
Zundert, the Netherlands
Maassluis, the Netherlands
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Den Bosch, the Netherlands
Carl Junction, MO, USA
Merced, CA, USA
Rosmalen, the Netherlands
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Cloppenburg, Germany
Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Munster, Germany
Platine, IL, USA
East Brighton, Australia
Morristown, NJ, USA
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Teresa, Jack, Sylvia and Monique
Arie and the German gang
Ingrid, Sonja, Gemma, Ineke and
Ingrid, Marijke, Gemma, Ellen, Ineke,
Sharon, Sigrun, Frank, Thea and Nand
Thea, Monique, Mom, Sonja and Ron,  
Ineke taking a Picture or Frank and
Mom and her daughter
My Mom and I am very proud of her.
Ruud took this picture of my shirt.  I
think he tried to embarress me.  He
was not succesful.  haha
                            The wonderful
                            buttons were    
                            made by Ruth