Bumper Sticker fun
                                 Broadcast to the world that you are an Andre Fan.
In 2004, when the fans were working very hard to help promote Andre's tour, two fans came up
with the idea to make bumper stickers.     Both made their own design bumper stickers and would
sent them to any fan who was willing to put them on their car to promote Andre and his tour in
that way.

Ann Smith from Maine designed a very classy bumper sticker.  It looks very good on any color car.   I have one on
mine.   My car is white and this bumper sticker looks great on it.  

Linda Stinner who was also busy designing shirts added a bumper sticker for the fans who ordered a shirt, she
even made two different ones.   One promoted the 2004 tour.  I had this sticker on my window to promote the tour.   
The second one proclaimed Andre makes fans/friends around the world.  

Last week I received another bumper sticker design.   Sue Berry designed a bumper sticker for this year.   She used
my drawing of the Andre cartoon and told me where you can buy and or design your own bumper sticker.
I just added Andre's web address to all the bumper stickers, so people who see the stickers will be able to find
Andre on the web.   

At the company that Sue send me you can personalize many different things (t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, bags and
buttons etc) with your own design, you can check it out at:

This is the page for the Bumper Stickers     http://www.zazzle.com/custom/bumperstickers

Sue wrote me she has done several other things with this company and finds them reasonably priced with good

I am sure the fans who designed these bumper stickers would not mind if you use their design or design a brand
new one.   If you do design something new, sent me a picture and I will add it to this page.
Have fun with it.   I hope Andre will see many Andre bumper stickers during his travels on our highways!