alarm clock
My very best "guy" friend, whom I hadn't seen for 17 years because he moved to Boston 17
years ago, was here (
California) on my birthday in September 2005.  He stayed with us for 3
days and slept in our office/guest room.  In that room is a bookshelf with all my Andre books,
dvd's and concert programs.  Two photos of Andre are on the desk, as well as my "Andre
Fan" business cards.  I have a magnet with a picture of Andre on the refrigerator and on my
wall going up the stairs where I have family photos, is a picture of my sister, Andre and me
(from the Cincinnati concert).

                                           Well, my friend, Jim, is a very funny guy and could tell   
                                           that I obviously have a "thing" for Andre, so he kept
                                           turning around all the pictures of him.   He turned
                                           around all the dvd's, the business cards, etc.  I'd turn     
                                           them back around and a few hours later I'd
                                           see yellow post-its all over them.  
                                          Anyway, he spent the last night of his trip at my sister's   
                                          place and did the same thing to all of her Andre stuff.
                                          Well, when he left to go back to Boston, he left his alarm clock at
her house.  When she told him about it, he said it was a cheap one and she could just keep
it or throw it away, rather than send it back to him.

It's a fairly BIG "travel" clock, the face is about 4-1/2 inches in diameter.  What an
opportunity for me, being a crafter, to have some fun!  Here is a picture of his clock, which
of course I sent back to him……………