A Dream come true
                                                                Written by Mone/Translation Sonja

My husband told me he had won the tickets to the Carmen Nebel show…. Hahaha, what a joke!!!

A Mr Teufelsdorfer from ZDF called my parent’s house and he said that the people at
ZDF(German TV station) would like to surprise me. He said they liked the show from
37 degrees very much. (Show which followed Mone last summer during her trip to a
concert in Maastricht) My parents referred the TV people to my husband and they
decided to act as if my husband had participated in a lottery and won the tickets to
the Carmen Nebel show.

The tickets arrived by mail. I even opened the letter and everything looked normal.

Well, Then that big shock that came during the show. I swear that I knew nothing until Carmen stood in front of me.
Even when they played the video of 37 Degrees did I not suspect anything, I just thought what a funny
coincidence….. How naive can one be. But my husband is also a very good actor.

Wow then I stand face to face with HIM … I will never forget that feeling.  I received three kisses (Dutch style) from
him and we sat down on the couch.  Very close together. *sigh*

Instead of the plain water they offered I asked for a beer *laugh* Carmen first was shocked.
The words “I cannot believe it, now she also requires a beer” I will never forget.
But with much difficulty they did get it for me. (My husband in the audience)
Andre then felt my knee to see if it was trembling. But it was not, however my hands were soaking wet, which he
determined with a big smile.

Carmen took the long desired picture of Andre and myself. When he had his arm around me I noticed through my
blouse that his hands were cold. So I took his hand and I said to him “I think one must take advantage of the
situation and get as much body contact as possible”. *grin*

Then we chatted a bit and I was able to look into his eyes time and time again. (He had mascara on his eyelashes)
From so close he does look very different. But I think he looks even MUCH better.

Well.., and then he played the Cinderella Waltz for me. What an experience.
The climax came when Andre asked me to dance. My husband knows what I terrible dancer I am. But when the
people from the TV called him and asked him if I can dance he boldly told them “Yes”. I will not forgive him for that!!!

Nevertheless it was an indescribable experience to dance with Andre. It also actually went quite smoothly. I think I
only stepped on his feet once. Oh well, he will survive it. *grin*
He pulled me very close against him during the dancing, WOW, what a feeling. And when in the end he made the
very fast turns, I was completely dizzy, however he took me firmly by the arm.

I have experienced it all as if through a fog, but slowly it starts to sink in that
it really did happen. Then it was already over *sob* I think it was absolutely adorable that he brought me back to my
seat and even shook my husband’s hand.

Anyway, that night I could not sleep. And after the show my husband and I stayed at a bar until 3:00AM and drank
one beer after the other and talked about the whole show again. I am still not quite back to reality.

I will also still get a signed CD from him in a few days and all the pictures that the ZDF photographer took. They will
have Andre sign the best one and they will send that to me too.

Something like this only happens once in a lifetime.   In a short time my parents will stop by and then we will watch
the show again together.     When I was on the couch next to Andre I thought that my parents did not know a thing.
And I thought if they knew they would fall dead from their couch.  Great, once in my life I sit next to Andre and I think
of my parents. *Laugh*

So … that was my story. Many friendly greetings from the still floating Mone, who certainly will need a few more
days….Weeks…..Months…..Years…* laugh*   to come back down from the clouds.


Watch Mone in the 37 degrees show and on Carmen Nebel's show Dancing With André!
Mone and her parents.
by Sue
Simone's husband