The Sweatshirt inspiration
                                of Linda Stinner

I fell in love with Andre and his music when I caught him one night on PBS.  I left the
show on, as I continued reading a book.  Within minutes I was glued to the television
and quickly popped in a tape to record what I was watching.  What a delight!
What an absolute delight!

Over the next months, I did what so many of you have done.  I found Andre's website and found Sonja's website.  I
acquired some CD's and DVD's, and I was well on my way to becoming a fervent fan!

I was so proud of Andre and what he was doing, that I had hoped to order a shirt to wear.  Checking out his
boutique, I found a black caricature shirt and a black stage crew shirt.  Ummm!  Black is not my favorite color to
wear, and I thought Andre much more attractive and deserving than the cartoon drawing.  Sonja had made herself a
couple beautiful needlepoint shirts with lovely sayings on them.  I asked her if she would mind if I used her idea and
made myself one.  She was happy to oblige.  

I began making a design up that I thought reflected Andre, his music, and his vision.  The first shirt was on the
drawing board.  "Friends around the World, thanks to the Music of Andre Rieu" on the back and Music is the
Universal Language on the front.

My neighbor and friend did embroidery for the local schools, so I asked if she would sew the design for me.  I
thought maybe a few other fans would enjoy having a sweatshirt made, so Sonja posted it on her website.  The
response from Andre's fans was wonderful.  We made up a couple other designs . . . "Andre Rieu, the Beautiful
Sound of his Violin" (Touching Hearts around the World) and "In Music there is Harmony, in Harmony there is
peace".  We added lovely violins, roses, music notes, etc.

I lost count, but we made up and mailed out, somewhere in the vicinity of 400 sweatshirts.  It was exciting knowing
that so many of you were promoting Andre as you did your grocery shopping and ran your errands.  Even some
men joined in.  We sent shirts to Canada, Germany, Holland, and the U.S.

I did contact Andre Rieu's production to get permission to make the sweatshirts using Andre's name.  They
responded with a "yes" and to "have fun"!   There was no money made on the sweatshirts.  It was a true "labor of
love" to help promote Andre and his JSO, especially in the States.  

I have been able to attend 4 concerts now.  They have been real highlights.  At one concert, my sister and I got our
sweatshirts autographed my Andre at the "meet and greet".  That was a special treat!  We also gave the 3 soloists
a gift bag with a sweatshirt for each of them inside, along with a card of gratitude for their wonderful performances.  
That was fun to do for them.

By far, the greatest reward was becoming acquainted with so many lovely fans of Andre's. Andre's fans become
"fast friends".  You all have truly enriched my life in your own special ways, and I thank you!
Thea, Sonja and Monique
Sonja, Linda and Eileen
Linda, Maggie and Laurie
At the time of the sweatshirt designs Linda lived in Cleveland, OH.  She has since moved to CA and no longer does
the shirts, however the neighbor who did the embroidery for her is still willing to make them. You can contact her,
Barb Hale
Local Heroes Embroidery
330 665-4828
You can buy the shirt and send it to her with your design choice, she will embroider them and send them back.

I wrote to Barb to make sure she is still willing to make our shirts and this was her response:   "I would be more than
happy to make the shirts for the Andre fans around the world!!  Beautiful music deserves beautiful shirts!!! "
Tiny in Violet
You can order the shirts with or
without tour information
The back design is about 7" by 7"
The front design measures:
3 3/4" by 2 3/4"
The front design measures
5 1/2" by 4"
The back design is 7" by 8"
The front design measures
4 1/2 by 3 1/2
The back design is 8 1/2" by 8"
We also combined designs.  If the shirt
was open at the front, only a rose or earth
 would fit.  Some girls liked the earth
design and used it with this shirt with
pink hearts.   The designs were done on
jean jackets, T shirts.  Sigrun bought one
of Andre shirts in the boutique and had a
design done on the back
Linda and her Sister in the jean jackets
she designed
Andre signing Linda's shirt for her.
The shirts were made in many different
colors and a variety of different types of
shirts.  I have a blue, pink and green
sweatshirt and a white cardigan. Tiny has a
violet shirt.   Maggie ordered a golden yellow
one and Sigrun has a black shirt.  You can
pick out your own shirt and pick a design
from above. I am sure Barb will be happy to
make some more.  I was asked many
different times about how do I get one of
those shirts, well now that I finally got this
page up, you can order one too.   
Thea, Ineke, Monique and Janny in the Netherlands