Joan's Fantasy Evening
This was written as a joke by Joan Willoughby's ex son-in-law,  Bill, Joan and his wife Dee went to the Andre concert in Fresno.  I
thought it funny and hope you enjoy it too.  

Well Girls, these girls were out on the town checking out the locks of Andre.
They were chauffeured to and from the concert by their personal driver.
Though it was cold, they never got cold feet.

Here is a unexpected  photo taken by Pavarotti of the two girls aka Britney
and Paris outside the Savemart Center.....So Hot!

The experienced Party Girl, Paris was so excited about seeing her Lover
Boy, she had an upset stomach.  She was giving the new Party Girl, Britney
pointers of what to do and what to expect. She wasn't as excited, but willing
to have fun.
 When Britney got a run in her stockings, Paris was nice enough to share
hers with Britney.

Well! what happened to Britney, what did Paris do with my wife? I couldn't
keep her quiet, or calm her down because of her excitement. She loved it,
and both have vowed to be in attendance next year.

At midnight, the two celebs were seen at a local hot spot ( Carrows ) having
an early morning breakfast with other Concert attendees.  After dodging
their way through the crowd to their limo, they were rushed back to their
crib for the evening.

When they got home, the over-night stay turned into a Pajama Party of
the year.  They stayed up to the wee hours of the morning giggling and
sharing their night's experience with Andre and his entourage.

Their personal Chauffeur/Body Guard had to go to bed and get some rest,
because no doubt he will be witness to an eventful day with the two celebrities on Monday.

One good thing is, they were both in full control, and yes! they were wearing their panties.  

They may have been wearing panties, but I had to add some fabric to Britney's dress, it was too racy for this website.