Andre and the JSO on tour
                          USA and Canada in 2007

Chris from Boise,Idaho was kind enough to start us another map         
 She will also be making updates on the map when we know more cities.
The first tour in 2007 will start on Thursday, April 12, in Boston, MA and it will end Tuesday April 24, in
Tampa, FL

The second tour will start on May 11, in Ottowa, Canada and it will end on May 23, in Milwaukee, WS.

On October 3 the third tour starts in Portland, OR, it ends Oct. 22 in Salt Lake City, UT.  

Dec 1, the tour will start in San Francisco, CA and will end with the huge concert in Toronto on Dec 15.

Thank you Chris for the updates.     How fortunate we are this year, four tours in one year.
Chris T from Boise