Andre inAachen
                                July 11, 2003
On my birthday, July 11, 2003,  I took my basket of letters (Aachen Basket  on Sonja's page) and went by
train from The Hague in the Netherlands to Aachen in Germany.   It is a pretty long train ride but it was
nice to see the country side roll by.   At the station I was told that the Katchhof was within walking
distance so I started walking.   I had to ask a few times, but made it to the Katchhof where Andre would
be performing.   The square is not that big, it is a square between the cathedral and the Townhall. and
Andre would play two shows.   The first one at three o'clock and that was the one I was going to, so I
could make it back to The Hague the same day.                          

  The Katchhof in Aachen, empty with view to both sides and set up for Andre's concert.  


                                                         Andre and the JSO in Aachen on the Katchhof.  

I wandered around the area for a while and saw Jo taking pictures.  Later we saw those pictures on
Andre's site.   I watched him try to get the best shot of the fountain.  I also looked for the busses and was
amazed how well the bus driver was able to get those big busses around those narrow streets.  At the
time Andre still used the long busses. (18 Meters/60 feet long)
I would be meeting Gemma from Belgium at the concert.   We had e-mailed for a while and when she told
me where she was sitting it was hard to believe she would be right
next to me.  She got her tickets in Belgium and I bought mine through
the internet in the US.   We did not know this from each other.   
My seats where on the third row.  In the audience behind Monica Das
you can see me with a yellow shirt on and Gemma next to me.  
I met several other fans for the first time including Peggy Grantz.
It was the first time I met fans from my site and it was such fun.  
When I told John from the boutique that I lived in the USA he told me all
about Dan the bannerman and said he was surprised Dan was not in

In 2003 in Aachen Andre and the JSO performed the Waltzertraum Tour program.  It was the first time
Carmen Monarcha and Carla Maffioletti joined Andre on tour as solo singers. (
Suzan started in 2002)

1.   Zwarze Augen                 
(Black eyes)
2.   Unter Donner Und Blitz.  ( Under Thunder and lightning)
3.   Kunstlerleben                  (Artist life)
4.   Die Lustige Witwe           (The Merry Widow)
5.   Espana Cani
6.   Granada
7.   Rosen aus dem Suden  
(Roses from the South)
8.   Barcarole         (by Carmen and Carla)
9.   I feel pretty       (by Carmen and Carla)

10. Wolga lied        (Song of the Wolga)

11. Liechte Kavallerie


12. Holzschuhtanz (wooden shoe dance)   This was such fun, I have never understood why he did not do this on one of
 the US tours.  And while we are at that subject why he never played 'Lost Heroes' on a US tour either????

13. Fruhlingsstimmenwaltzer (Voices of Spring Waltz)
14. Song of Olympia  (Carla as the doll)

When Andre started playing "Happy Birthday"  he said that everyone with a birthday that day would
get his latest CD.  I of course already had the CD, so I could pick our another item at the boutique
and I got the 2004 calendar.

15. My heart will go on
16. Zymbalklange
17. O Mio Bambino Caro

18. An der schone Blauen Donau
19. Ode an die Freude

I do not really recall the encores, but I do remember there were quite a few and Andre was having a great
time. He was jumping and his hair was flying.   He also joked with people watching his concert from the
windows and asked them if they had paid?

                           This was the picture taken in Aachen, Andre later signed it for me.  
                                For more info go the Sonja's page.  
"The Aachen basket'
I feel pretty
They started with Barcarole
then threw of the long skirts
and followed it up with:
A smile for the basket?