The Vrijthof Concert
                                    Andre Rieu and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra.

Andre and the Maastrichts Salon Orchestra played yearly on the Vrijthof during the Preuvenemint days.  This CD
was recorded for the 10e anniversary of this Preuvenemint.

The annual Preuvenemint (
preuve - to taste and evenemint - event) is a gastronomic celebration of the best of
international cuisine, held each year in the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Over 100,000 people pour into the square to taste
the offerings from more than 40 restaurants.
Visitors can choose from an impressive range of food, from Dutch to Japanese, Chinese and various Indonesian
bites - a throwback to the Dutch colonisation of these tropical isles. Beer, wine and soft drinks are also available.
Food and drinks are paid for with so-called preuvenlappes, available in books of ten. A variety of live music on an
open-air stage entertains the crowds as they eat.

This CD was recorded in 1991.
The Maastricht Salon Orchestra consisted of:
Andre Rieu                First violin                                    
Frans Vermeulen      Second Violin
Henriette Janssen    Cello
Jean Sassen             Double bass and trumpet
Jo Huijts                    Piano