Sonja's story

I would like to introduce you to the girl who writes these pages
about our Andre.   Me!!!   I was born and raised in the Netherlands,
in the city of The Hague. I grew up five minutes from the beach and
I do miss the ocean here in Ohio.   I came to the US, after I married
an American, who I had met at my work in Holland.   I worked for IBM
at the time and he was over in Holland working at IBM installing
some computer programs.   

I live in Cincinnati, OH, but have lived in several places.  Philadelphia, Rochester NY,  Weston, CT and San
Francisco.  I teach and work with multi-handicapped children at a local High School in Cincinnati.  I love my job,
which at times can be very rewarding but at times also very frustrating.  It also keeps me very busy, of course the
advantage of working at a school is that you have quite a bit of vacation time.   

I have two children.  Tamara and Steve.   Mara is married to Mike.  Mike is in the US Army and 2003  he was in Iraq
for a year and we were all a mess.  He returned 18 months ago.    We were very fortunate that he was on two weeks
leave when Julianna was born on October 6, 2003, so he was here for her birth.  When Juli was 10 days old he had
to return to Iraq for 4 more months of duty.

Mike's unit was again in Irak in from March 2005 until March 2006, but Mike broke his leg last Christmas and he was
not able to go with his unit.  Oh, darn.          
I am thrilled to be able to tell you that Mike will not have to do another tour of duty, he has been declared
non-deployable due to the leg fracture he suffered and he will get a medical discharge.   Once the paperwork is
completed they will be able to leave the army!   That does mean some big changes for me too, they will be moving in
with me.   From rambling around by myself in this big house it will now be filled with kids.  Hopefully it will not drive
me crazy.   

until then Mara and Mike are stationed at Ft Campbell in Clarksville, TN.  (
about a 41/2
hour drive from me
They have two daughters, Cassandra, who will turn 7 on Nov 15,  2007, and
Julianna, who turns four on Oct 6, 2007.  And on May 25, 2006 my first little grandson was
born, Alexander John.  Hard to believe he is not a baby anymore!

Cassandra has been going with me to Andre's concerts since she was 3.   
When she is at my house she will ask: Turn on Andre please, Oma.  (
Oma is Dutch for Nana)

My son Stephen is in the US Air force and he transferred from Las Vegas to Detroit in September.    Steve is single
and a real catch for some lucky girl.  (
At least his Mom thinks so, if you want to apply, write me,  Mother's
approval is required!!!)   
I am thrilled to have him closer.   It is especially nice when I have computer problems.  He
can come and fix them for me!   

I go home to Holland about once a year.  (
You can take the Dutch  girl out of
Holland but will never be able to take Holland out of the  Dutch girl
) I come
from an extended family, with many aunts, uncles etc.  My Mom still lives in
Holland and I have a younger brother.  He is married and has two children.
I also still have some school friends, and one in particular has been very
helpful with my obsession by taping everything about Andre that it on Dutch TV.  
She is wonderful.

Mom is 85 and I am so proud of her, she still comes to see us every year and sometimes even twice a year.  She
plans to come again in December, and I hope to take her and Cassandra to the concerts in Toronto.   In May 2005, I
took her to her first Andre concert and she enjoyed it so much that now she wants to go every time , and has turned
into a real groupie.
Ha, it is my page and I can put
whatever picture I want on it.   These
are only a few years old.
Daddy back from Iraq
and so happy to see
his girls!
Cassandra at Andre's concert in Cincinnati in 2005
How I "discovered" Andre next.
My son Stephen
Cassandra at the concert in Indianapolis
in 2004.  Andre later signed this picture
for her and she treasures it.
Alexander 18 months old
Alex and Julianna Sept, 2006
Maastricht 2006
My brother came over for the
birth of Alexander
Concert in Detroit 2006.  
Posing in her pretty concert dress.
They are just growing too fast
In 2007 I took Cassandra to the concert in Detroit, as you can see she loved it, and dance up a storm.
Even got a picture with my favorite bass player and with Carmen and Mirusia.