Sonja's shirts

Before I went to the concert in Aachen, in July 2003, I made a shirt for myself.  At the time there were no shirts in
Andre's boutique and I thought it would be a fun idea to have a shirt with Andre on it.     I wanted to ask Andre to
sign this shirt.   I first made a drawing of the caricature of Andre which was on his bus.   He had brought the bus to
Columbus in 2002, and I had a good picture of it.   I bought iron-on printable paper and ironed the drawing onto a T-
shirt.    In Aachen Andre liked the shirt and signed it for me.

                                       My second shirt project was done the same way, but this time I used a picture  
                                       and a yellow T-shirt.
                                       I like to cross stitch, so next came the idea to cross-stitch shirts.   I looked for
                                       designs with a violin, and my first Andre Cross stitch creation was born.  I
                                       stitched on it "In Andre's music there is Harmony. In Harmony there is Peace".
                                       That shirt was followed by a pink shirt with "Friends around the World, thanks to
                                        Andre's Music", and "Music is the Universal Language".   The last shirt I made
                                        for myself so far. When I named Stars after Andre and Marjorie, I also stitched
                                        them a small picture (
see Sonja's page Stars)  I stitched that same picture on a
                                        shirt.  On the shirt I stitched: "Andre Rieu, Heavenly Music.  The name I gave his
                                        star.   I do have another design for a shirt and I hope to get that finished
                                        sometime before next summer.

Then Linda Stinner came up with the idea of machine stitching shirts.  (
check the inspired fans for Linda's shirts)  
So, I now have a whole wardrobe of Andre Shirts..   

In 2005, I had started stitching again, and I made shirts for several of the Orchestra members' children.
I made a shirt for Killian, Franco's youngest son.   

I also made a shirt for the son of Mireille Brepols.  When I gave it to her, Miko her son was at the concert.  Mireille's
partner said: "Look Miko, not everybody's Mommies got the beat".  She had him try it on and he did not want to
take it back off.

Sonja Harper
Sonja harper's Andre rieu shirt
Franco and Killian
When I was in Maastricht this year, Mireille's partner recognized me, and came over to see me.  She told me the
shirt still fits, but is getting a bit snug.  She also told me it is one of his favorite shirts.   If I have time, I may make a
larger version for him    She and Miko were at the Saturday evening concert.   While she was talking to me Miko
was sound asleep on her back.
Killian Vulcano in
his 'my Daddy is a
cool cat' shirt.
Miko and his 'my Mommy's
got the beat' shirt.
Mireille, her partner and Miko
When I saw Franco in Vienna this year he remembered and
in Maastricht brought me a picture of Killian on the beach
wearing the shirt.   How nice of him to remember to bring
the picture.  He called me over when he saw me in
Maastricht, but the picture was on the stage.  He told me to
make sure to see him after the concert,  I did, he gave me a
hug and this picture of Killian and Jader, his two sons..   
I also made a shirt for Lisa.   Ruud Merx en Lin Jong's little girl.   Lisa was
born in 2004.  Their son Oscar was born in 2001.    I stitched both
instruments on the shirt and added: "My mommy and Daddy make
beautiful music together.  
The last shirt I made was for Roger's son.
I stitched a bear playing a trumpet and
added; "My daddy is a player".