On December 22, I drove to my daughter's house in Tennessee.    We celebrated Christmas with the children early
the next day.   We left for our Disney adventure later in the day on December 23.     Tamara, Mike and the kids
drove their mini van.     Mom, Steve and I drove in my car.     It was a long drive but overall things went very well.    
Last year for Christmas Steve gave Mara and the kids a portable DVD player for in the car and that sure came in
handy on this trip.    It took us 13 hours to drive from Ft Campbell to our little home for the week in Orlando.   I think
it was hardest on my Mom, she cannot relax in the car.

                                  The small house is just great, it has three bedrooms, which worked out really well.   I              
                                   can  recommend it to anyone who is interested in going to Disney World.

                                  The next day we first went to the Magic Kingdom.  How fun, of course we had to go in            
                                   small world, Pirates of the Caribbean,  the Jungle cruise and several of the other rides.          
                                    It being Christmas made it extremely crowded, but the decorations were beautiful and            
                                    the Christmas parade was terrific.    

                                   On the second day, actually Christmas day we decided to go to Animal Kingdom.   It              
                                    was a good choice and it was not that busy.  We went to the 3D bug movie.   I loved it,          
                                    Cassandra found it neat, but it scared Julie,  funny enough she still talks about the bug         
                                    in the ceiling, and now remembers quite a bit and likes it.    
We also went on the Safari tour, which was great.    While on that tour is started to
rain very hard.    We were dry in the cars, and the nice thing was the animals loved
the rain and all came out.    The baby elephants were rolling in the mud and it was
lots of fun.    The girls thought this just great and Julie wanted to go and join them.
When the tour was over we had to go through the rain and were soaked in no time,
even with the raincoats we had.       It looked like it would rain all day (it did), and
we decided to go back to the house.    There we found out that there had been a
tornado in Daytona Beach and Leland and the weather had been just awful.   
Not too much for us but it being Christmas, I am sure it put a damper on many
peoples plans for a day at Disney.

Like I said the house was very nice and we played some games and movies for the kids, made a nice dinner and
just had a nice day at home.     The following day we decided to go to Epcot,
it was a cool day but the sun was shining and we did many of the rides.    
The girls liked the dinosaurs, and Julie wanted to take Figment home with her.
(figment of the imaginations, he is a little dragon).   I thought that was so fun,
when I went with my kids Mara was also fascinated with Figment and
remembered him. (She was around seven at the time).   There was a lot to see
and our plan to go in the morning, go home and return later did not work out.
We were warned that with Christmas the parks often close in the afternoon,
because it gets so busy.   So we just took it easy and stayed until the girls and
Mom became too tired.      

The last day we just did a bit of shopping, cleaned house, the weather was nice and we grilled in the screened in
porch.    We drove back on Dec 30, stopped on the way and bought some nice oranges to take home.  We stayed
with Mike and Mara for New Years eve and then it was back home and back to work.    After the drive to Toronto
for the concert and to Orlando the following week, it has been a very busy month for me.    I need a vacation after
this vacation, but we thoroughly enjoyed being together and being able to do this.    We have about 300 pictures
and I had trouble deciding which to use.    We enjoyed it so much we are going to try to go somewhere together
again next year.   
of Disney
Those presidents
really were not that
Cassandra just so tired
she booted Oma out of
the wheelchair.
They would take a 20 minute nap and were ready to go again.   When we were ready to leave they did not want
to go.    How cute is that, they had such a good time.  That made is so much more fun for us too.     Of course a
big highlight for the girls was meeting the princesses!!!  And I think Alex was pretty smitten with Snow White.   
Just a little power nap.
I have a picture like the ones of the
kids of my Mom asleep too, but she
would not be happy with me if I
posted it.   Having the wheel chair
was great, it made it possible for her
to join us at 84 years of age and she
really enjoyed being at Disney with
her great grand children.
The big girls liked it
I think Snow was pretty smitten with Alexander too, she walked over to him and planted a big
kiss on his forehead, who needs prince Charming when there is Alex.   He proudly wore that
kiss the rest of the day.  
Since we were wet anyway, our
'children' decided to get a bit wetter.  
Good thing the house had a dryer.  
The best way to see Disney World, from the front or back of Mom.
Before we went to Disney I had bought the girls some Disney dollars.   These you
can only spent at the Disney store or at Disney World.   For their chores they were
paid in Disney dollars.   They both bought a music box with their Disney money.  
Julianna with her favorite princess Ariel, the little mermaid and Cassandra with her
favorite Sleeping beauty.    Julie kept telling us that she does not
love Ursula the
Sea witch.   She was a bit concerned when we went to visit Ariel but was happy
once she saw it was only Ariel and not Ursula, because she does not love her.   
At Epcot the girls made robots,
 they were very proud.  
Just a little dance performance
once we were back at the
A hug for Omama
We let the boys do these
things.  It would make me so
We also went a day to MGM studios.   This was more for the boys, they saw the
stunt men and several other things. We went and met Mickey Mouse at MGM and
it was a nice day, but again it started to rain after a while and we came back home
pretty early.    The girls went to bed early and so did Mom.  Mike and Mara went
back to the Magic Kingdom for a evening for them.    They rode some of the things
you can not do with small children, Space mountain etc.    

Our last day was again spent at the Magic Kingdom.   We did some of the things we
missed the first time and this time we stayed for the light parade, which is fantastic.
Ursula,  Julie was hiding.  
Of course I found something I really liked too.   The Disney orchestra with  the Disney violin.