Dear Fan Friends

September has started with a bang for me, and I have been quite busy at school.   
I also tried to stay on top of the Spring concert tour Andre and his JSO are scheduling for the East Coast.    Most of
the dates were on my agenda weeks before Andre posted them.  My thank you goes out to all the fans who helped
me put the list together.  I still have a few dates that are not posted on Andre's Calendar.    Of course,  on Andre's
site is the only official list, but if PBS is selling tickets we can be pretty sure there will be a concert.
Like last year, I have posted a map with all the concerts. Chris from Boise was kind enough to make us a new map
for 2007.  
I have tickets for Atlantic City and Philadelphia.   We will have quite a group together for those two cities. Including
Laurie and Maggie and many others.   If you are going let me know, I am sure we will have a get together
somehow, and the more the merrier.     I will also be going to Detroit together with Cassandra.  Laurie will join me
there too.   With my son Steve now in Detroit, that made it an easy choice for me.

I hope you enjoyed my report on the concerts in Maastricht.  Since it will not be on DVD, I decided to start there.  I
had some computer problems and just could not get the page added. Things just kept crashing!  Thank goodness,
for a son, who now lives in Detroit (only 4 hours from me)  instead of Las Vegas.   Steve added some RAM (
I have
no idea what that means
) and it works again like a charm.     I also posted  several other pages, including one
about the fan meeting we had in the park of Maastricht with about 50 other fans from all corners of the world.  I will
still add a page about the dinner we had in Maastricht.   I will also add a page about the concerts in Vienna and
NYC.   Not as in depth since they will be available on DVD.  

I added a page about the sweatshirts Linda designed.  You can still order them.   Barb said she would be happy to
make some more.    So, let's see some more of them at the concerts next year and show them around town to
promote our Andre.     Andre was on QVC in Germany selling tickets to a concert he will be doing in Dusseldorf for
QVC and on one of the clips Monique and Thea could be seen wearing the shirts.    I also added an interview with
Carmen.  It is from a paper in Brazil and Mercia was kind enough to translate it for me.   It is a personal interview
and shows her as the kind person she is.  

I would like to say something about the voting on  
I have seen many postings about people not voting.   Let's remember that we started a full 4 months late.    Many
other celebrities were nominated in early January.  Andre was nominated in April by Janny van Wingerden.    
I would also like to point out that Andre is now #10 on the overall chart.  For the overall standing for the year, go to
the button at the top,
tussenstand, here you will see the overall score so far.   We need to have another 500
votes  to get Andre to the 9th place.   Suzan has made it to #23 overall, she was nominated on May 16 by Anne,
Carmen was nominated on June 20, by Arie Bussemaker and she has made it to number 28, and Carla, nominated
by Elizabeth Schafer on June 26 is on number 33.  Marjorie was not nominated until July 8 by Inge Cossette, and
she has not made the top 100 yet.    I know Janny, Arie, Elizabeth and know of Inge.   So the people running the
site did not add Marjorie and the sopranos because Andre was getting votes.   The sopranos and Marjorie were
added by fans.

With people still insisting on voting for dead people, I do not think we can catch up to Jesus or Elvis, however we
will be able to get Andre & Co higher by voting consistently.    If you click on the name itself at the tussenstand, you
can see how many votes the other nominees are getting.   For instance Serge Guilker on the 9th spot received
only 106 votes so far this month,  Andre received 1292 this month, that means we should be able to get him to
number 9 without trouble.  Number 8, Willie Sommers received 437 so far this month, but we need to make up
about 2500 votes to catch him.    The tussenstand is the important chart it shows the overall score for the year.    I
hope this explains things a bit.    Keep voting we managed to get him to the first 10 within five months and I am
sure we will be able to even do better in the time we still have till the end of the year.   In the first 5 would be great,
and who knows maybe those people voting for dead people will get tired of it, and we can do even better.    Let's
get Suzan, Carmen and Carla to the final 10 also.   Keep voting for Marjorie, so she too will be near the top.  And if
they have a person of the year contest  next year we will start on January 1 and make him number one for sure!!!
For information in English on how to vote, look on my website  Enter and on the first page you will find a link to the
Information page.  On that page you will find an explanation about how to vote!!!

I also would like to tell you about another nice thing our Andre did.    I will not exactly explain what I did or how,
because I do not want Andre to be overwhelmed with requests.     But in Detroit I asked for some autographed
pictures for some fans who, due to illness, were not able to come to the concert they had been so looking forward
to.    I did not receive the autographed pictures and was disappointed and found it strange that my request was
ignored.   I thought Andre was more compassionate than not acting on request like mine.    Well, yesterday in my
mailbox were the autographed pictures.    It looks like they were lost in the mail and finally made it to my home.   It
took five months but they are here and will be sent on tomorrow to the fans I requested them for.   My faith in Andre
is restored.    I am glad to know he did not ignore the request and he is still my hero.  

I also loved the sensitivity in playing 'Lost Heroes' on the anniversary of 9/11.   It is such a beautiful, haunting
composition and the words Marjorie wrote to it were so sensitive and fitting.    I hope the will play it on the next tour,
I think there will not be a dry eye in the house.    Maybe if more people write about it in the guestbook?

I also heard that someone is now trying to get Joshua Bell (classical violinist) on Oprah.   They managed to get an
article written about Joshua in Oprah's magazine.   It may be time to start writing Oprah again.   Andre has become
so much better known in the past few years, and by now she may well have heard of him, other than from our
requests, that it may be worth a try again.

                                        Several people have asked me if and when Andre will do the concerts in                            
                                         Maastricht again next year.   I can assure you that there will be concerts again
                                        next year.   However I do not know a date yet.   We heard last weekend in June,
                                        first weekend in July, but no exact dates are known yet.    In the newspaper from
                                        Maastricht shortly after the concerts the headline was: "No doubt about it: next
                                        year again". So unless something drastically changes the concerts will be held on
                                        the Vrijhof again next year.   If I hear a date, I will publish it immediately.

Then last but not least.   I had 681 people on my site yesterday,  only a handful write in the guestbook and only a
few of all those people vote.   Please get involved, vote, write in the guestbook, join us and vote for Andre to
become Man of the year in Holland.   He deserves it.  Join us at concerts, it is fun to already know some fans when
you go to the concerts.   Wear the red flower, so we know you.   Have fun with this site and enjoy Andre, his music
and his fans.
What a nice surprise to find in
your mailbox!!!