Dear Andre friends.                                                                                                                                        Sept 2007

I am back to school, and I though it may be fun to show a few school pictures.  Do you recognize anyone?

We had three correct answers after many wrong guesses.  I think most boys got a turn,              
most fans did figure it was Andre from the date of the picture.     
The picture is from the St Aloysius school in Maastricht.  It was taken in the 1957-1958 school year
and is Andre's third grade.     Andre is in the back row, the third little boy from the right.   Like I said a big
mop of hair and a bit shy.   Congratulations to Joan, Jeanine and Eileen, who did get it right.

This second picture is from the second grade of a very beloved JSO member and was taken at the
Ambrosius school in 1968-1969 in Maastricht, Limburg.
Guess who in the Parlor.   I will make a copy of the "Vrijthofconcert" CD from 1991 of Andre and the
Maastrichts Salon Orchestra for the winner. Check out the picture of the CD on  
Chris T correctly guessed that this is Manoe in the the first row fourth from the left.  
Was she not a cute little girl.  

This is a fifth grade picture at the St Franciscus school in Bunde, Limburg  It is school picture of a
long time JSO member who left a few years ago but can still to be  seen in many older DVDs among
them 'Life is beautiful'.   John and Bobbie had no trouble guess this is Renate Dirix.  On the last row next to the           
teacher.  The winner will get a copy of d'n Blauwen aovond   

                                  Jeanne d Arc College,
                                  Maastricht, Limburg   
                                        HAVO 4  

And last but not least two school pictures of another JSO member who left after 10 years.   Remembered for    
the excellent music and also for the fun acting jobs done in several of Andre's jokes and sketches.
This picture will be added to the Parlor as soon as the previous one is guessed.

For the fans going to concerts this year, I have found a site in Holland which sells small Limburg flags.  They are
actually for boats so come without a stick.   But they will be fun to wave at the concerts, I had copied the paper flag
Andre gave us in Kerkrade and one or other of the JSO members always comments on it when they see it.  Because
the paper flags have deteriorated I went looking for new ones and found the following website.   The smaller flag is 20cm by 30cm (8" by 12")  and costs 7.05 Euro,
the larger flag is 30cm by 45cm (12" by 18")  The flags I had were the about 8" by 12", but either will work just fine.    
I called the company in Holland and asked if I could pay with paypal, she told me to call back, she was going to look
to see how that works.
I will call them again later this week and ask if it is resolved.   
If you would like me to order you
a flag, let me know
and I can tell them how many fans would be interested in ordering one.   Of
course you have to pay shipping and the Paypal charge.   They have since I called installed
Paypal, so far I have 20 flags.  I will wait just a week or so longer before I order, so let me know!!!

While looking for the flag, I also found a site which sells shirts and mugs with the Flag of Limburg on them.

Ruth Morgan kindly offered to organize a dinner in Toronto.  Please for the fans going to Toronto let me know as
soon as possible if you would like to join us.   I think we will have the meeting on Saturday before the concert.   .

There are a few fans who have extra tickets for Toronto, so if any of you need some extra tickets let me know and I
will put you in contact with the fans who are looking.    

Many of you have told me how much you enjoy Benny Neyman and before that I heard from many how much you
enjoyed Vader Abraham's (Pierre Kartner) Little cafe at the harbor,   Well I have a treat for you.   Check out  A medley of Benny and Pierre.  They sing each others best known

In Holland during the summer the TV station the Tros has a music party every week.  Every week this party is in a
different city.   To end the summer they had a music party they called the largest Music party of the Netherlands.    
This party was held in three cities simultaneously.   In Maastricht, in Haarlem and in Leeuwarden.   We heard that
Andre would perform for this music party on the Vrijthof.    I have added the Youtube clip of Pierre Kartner singing
"Het Kleine Cafe aan de Haven" to the Parlor.   It is a video where you can see Andre play the song in Maastricht
while Pierre sings it in Haarlem.   You also see an enthusiast public in Leeuwarden.    
If you would like to see the whole program you can see it at
If you decide to watch it,  the fans who have seen the road show you may recognize the song Frans Bauer (the first
artist who sings)  sings "Heb je even voor mij"  (Do you have a minute for me) as the song that Frank played on the
carillion in New York.  (I will add a few more pictures of the party when I post the letter on the website)

If you notice a problem with the site, like no pictures on a site or links that do not work, please let me know.   I can
clearly not check it and computers do strange things sometimes.  

The score on the Dutch Person of the year is not doing all that well.    Bill Kaulitz has made it up to 3e place, he has
now passed Carmen, Suzan and Carla, and Elvis is catching up with Andre.   Please vote!!!!

1                                     André Rieu                  31.245    

2                                    Elvis Presley               26.184    

3                                   Bill Kaulitz                    16.184    

4                                  Carmen Monarcha      16.733   

5                                  Suzan Erens               16.148   

6                                 Carla Maffioletti           15.190   

7                                 Manoe Konings           13.364

8                                Marjorie Rieu               12.150   

9                               Pierre Rieu                  12.058

On the German Person of the Year site Andre and crew is still on the top but an Agnetha Faltskog? is catching up.   
She was nowhere is site just a month ago.  Keep voting!!!

1  Andre Rieu                23.442    
2  Carmen Monarcha    13.065    
3  Suzan Erens             12.260    
4  Carla Maffioletti        11.732    
5  Marjorie Rieu              9.406    
6  Agnetha Faltskog        6.789   

And last but not least the latest on Maastricht.   I will add the article to the news page on the website.  
A contract with the Horeca in Maastricht has to save the concerts in Maastricht.  
If all goes as planned this contract will be signed on September 16.  There also is news for the Aussie fans, please
check the website.  

Until next time
Sint Anna Mavo
Geleen, Limburg
1988 - 1989