Today Oct 1, is our Maestro's birthday and I would like to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for all he
does for his fans and for the world.    Dutch tradition also congratulates the family, so to Marjorie, Marc, Pierre
and Andre's Mom my congratulations with the Maestro.

I am sure most of you know by now that there will be a third concert in Toronto, on Sunday Dec. 17 at 3:00pm.

Gillian from Hong-Kong was so kind to sent me the link to her pictures.   You can see her wonderful pictures of
the Sept 22 Concert in Tokyo if you go to
She wrote me she had a nice time and met many of the orchestra members.  She also was able to get Andre's

I heard there is an interview on Sally's site about Andre going to Mexico.   I posted that news on May 30.  I have
since heard one other time an interview where Andre said he is going to Mexico, but have not heard

Do read the interview on Sally's site I have heard that it is a very nice interview.

I am working on an older interview.  John deJong was kind enough to translate and I am working on getting the
whole page ready.    I am taking pictures from the tape that I have.   I still have to do Vienna, but have just been
to busy to get to it.   I hope many of you have seen the DVD by now.  It is fantastic and I love it.   From Andre's
agenda I learned that the New York concert will be on German TV.   My friend will tape it for me and I will give
you a report around Christmas time.   

Now I would like to ask you all a personal favor.   My daughter Tamara has entered a picture of their dog Coda
into a dog contest.   If she wins, they will win a $1000.00.   
It looks very much like Mike, her husband will have to go to Afghanistan with his army unit for a year in March
2007. (
at least it is not Iraq this time, but it still will be very hard on everyone, especially the kids).   We hope to
go on a family trip to Disney World this Christmas before he has to leave.    $1000.00 would make it much easier
to make this trip a reality.   Therefor I would like to ask you all to vote for Coda.
All you do is click the link
and vote 10 for Coda.    Please also ask friends and family and we would very much appreciate it.  We thought
that you only can vote one time, but now it appears you can vote every day like the Persoonvanhetjaar contest
for Andre, were we vote daily, so please if you are voting for Andre, vote for Coda too.    And if you happen to be
at the library, or any other place you may have access to a computer,  please remember to vote for Coda.   As
you can see it is a very cute picture.   Who can guess what he is chewing on?

After all he has adopted a Dutch family.  

The only other news I have today is that Andre did very well last year.  I am sure he will do even better this year.
The billboard for 2005 in Music and Touring is as follows

Top classical artist
Andre Rieu #2
Top classical Album
Tuscany #3
Live in Dublin #15
Top Classical Crossover Album
At the Movies #14

Please keep voting.  Andre now is #9 on the overall list.  We are closing in on #8, but still need to catch up
another 1700 votes make it to #8, but we are doing well.  Suzan in on #22, Carmen on 25 and Carla on #29
Right now Andre is on #1 for the week and that is a great way to catch up.   Keep it up.

I also heard that the three tenors will be with Andre again next year.

Have a wonderful week.
PS Please do not forget to vote for Coda

PSS As you know Andre will again have the concerts in Maastricht next year, I do not have a date yet, but I am
wondering who of you plans on going???
Dear Andre fans