Dear Andre Fans

Last time I sent you an Andre lily, there also is an Andre tulip.  On Andre's site you
can send a card with the Andre tulip on it.  You can order the tulip at

There will be a concert in Reading, PA on May 16 at 8 PM.  PBS will not start the
pledge until next week, so if you live in the area, if you order now it will be a great
way to get good seats.   Tickets are $250 for two.   Thank you, Joe for notifying me.  
Go to.

Al Girard sent me some great pictures which I used on the site.  He also sent me
link to the pictures he added to the web.

There is a rumor that the concerts in Maastricht will be on July 6, 7 and 8.  Nothing sure yet.

You can see several video clips of Andre and Co on  in the search box enter Andre Rieu or
Carmen Monarcha or anyone or anything you are interested in.     Arie Bussemaker has added several video clips
here, including one of Carmen during the sound check in Maastricht.  There is Bolero and the latest clip posted is
Aria.              You will have to register but it is free and worth the effort.  

I have another story for my 'Man with compassion page'  I heard from Ineke and Janny that Andre was on Dutch TV.    
                                                                   Just after he returned from his tour here in the States, he is now                  
                                                                   rehearsing with the Jostiband orchestra.   The Jostiband orchestra is a       
                                                                   band of 200 mentally handicapped people.  They perform once a month      
                                                                   with about 90 members and are well known.  They have even performed     
                                                                   internationally.   They really wanted to play with Andre for the 40e               
                                                                   anniversary of the band and Andre thought it a good idea.   Janny wrote      
                                                                  that the program will be on Dutch TV at Christmas time.   The music was a   
                                                                  bit messy, but they made up for that with all their enthusiasm, and of course
                                                                  the were still practicing.   You can find their website at
                                                It is in Dutch but it has some
                                                       music you can listen to.  John de Jong sent me a website of the Jostiband              
                                                       which is in English.

It looks in the pictures on Andre's site of the last concert of the tour in Salt Lake City, that both Carla and Suzan were
saying goodbye to the orchestra.    I heard neither has other work yet, and Andre would like them to sign on again,
but it looks like a good bye gesture to me.  In Vienna both girls said they would leave.  I think contracts are signed in
November, so if they will indeed leave the Salt Lake City concert was their last concert.   


The Three tenors will be with Andre again next year.   I expect that to replace the girls Andre may want to travel with
the Harlem Gospel Choir.     I liked it once, but it is totally different from Andre's music and that is why I am going to
his concerts to hear Andre's music.  I loved his solo of ' My Way', and Sanne's Jackety Sax,     If I want Gospel music I
would go to a concert of Gospel music.   The postings in Andre's guestbook all raved about the Gospel Choir and I
think Andre may have gotten the impression we all like them.   All the fans I have spoke to in Maastricht and who
have written me, think the way I do.  Once is enough.   I also think it was smart to put their music on the separate CD.
So if you think once is enough of the Harlem Gospel Choir, do not write me, but let Andre know through his
guestbook.   It is his finger on the pulse of the fans, and so many of the postings in the guestbook are positive, even
if I hear different from fans here.   Even if your message does not get posted, it will be read!!!

                                                                      Now a bit of news about Carmen.   Carmen will perform at the                  
                                                                      Conservatory in Maastricht on Thursday Nov 30 at 8:00 PM in                  
                                                                      honor of Pablo Pascals.  For the fans who live close there are 400            
                                                                      seats and entree in free.    Arie sent me this news. He also wrote              
                                                                      that he was told that Carmen now lives in Canada.   Arie also sent            
                                                                      me a picture of Carmen.   On August 31 she sang at the Congress            
                                                                     of Journalists.  The president Lula da Silva and his ministers were             
                                                                      in her audience.  The President is the second man from the left                 
                                                                     with the beard.  Carmen was on crutches, she had had an accident.          
                                                                     She sang the works of Villa Lobos.  

As you know by now I am pretty crafty (and a little crazy) ,                    so I though a tulip for the spring, what about
the fall.   Well with Halloween just behind us I  thought you                   may enjoy my Andre Fall creation.     

Have a great Thanksgiving.   I will be going to my daughter in Clarksville, my son will join us there as will my


November News Letter
Some of the Jostiband Orchestra
members with our Queen Beatrix.  
Farewell ???? Are they saying
goodbye to the orchestra?