Dear Andre fans

I have received so much mail in the past week that I will not be able to answer everyone individually.   I hope to
answer most questions with this letter.   If you have any other questions let me know.
I have been very busy with school and spent most of today raking leaves, but added a few new things to the site.   
I also had several questions about Andre's Castle.   I have written about the Castle on the Misc. page and am
making a picture page of all the pictures I have from the Castle. I also had three questions about PAL versus
NTSC, I also have a page on that on the Misc. page.  I have a Phillips player which I paid $60.00 for and it works
just great.

If you have read Andre's message you know he will tour Germany with the Harlem Gospel Choir.  I received a
truckload of mail about my speculation in the last letter that he may use the Gospel Choir to replace the sopranos.   
 All of the mail I received was along the same line, we go to Andre's concerts for his music and if we want Gospel
music we would go to a Gospel concert. I have great respect for what the Choir does, however I prefer light
Classical music over Gospel music.   And I go to Andre's concerts for his music, and prefer not to have the
precious little time that we can enjoy him here taken up by Gospel music.
I also know many of you have written to the guestbook stating your opinion, but the messages were not posted.
Several years ago, messages were posted instantly, then some nasty person posted some very disgusting things
in Andre's guestbook and since then messages are screened.  The big disadvantage of that is that they now
screen all messages.   Negative messages are not posted!   HOWEVER, they are read and Andre will get the
message if many write him that they do not like the Harlem Gospel Choir on tour in the US, and will not go to a
concert with Gospel music taking up so much time instead of Strauss music.     Generally Andre plays the same
concert for a year.     But in this case I do not think the Gospel Choir will be with him in December.   I checked their
schedule and it is very busy in December.  I am sure there are two choirs and
in December one will be in Japan and Italy and one will be in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.   So I do not
think they will be traveling with him this December.     But if you prefer, like so many of you are telling me, they not
travel with him this Spring you may want to write to the guestbook.   Of course it may not help, but we should let
them know how we feel.    So many people raved about them in the guestbook and most fans are polite and do not
say negative things, but in this case I think we should let him know.   I have nothing against Gospel music but not
in Andre and his Johann Strauss Orchestra concert!!!   

Several asked for the website to order the tulips.  You can find them at  But one fan tried and they are sold out for this year.   
 The lily website is at   You can click on the English site, but the
site is in Holland.  I sent them a note asking for a price but did not hear back yet.   

I will be going to the concert in Toronto.  Who will be there?  Let me know and we will try to set up something.
Laurie Crowley, Eileen Olin and several others I know of will be there so let me know we can have a nice get

Andre was again interviewed on the Johannes Kerner site on ZDF, it is of course in German, you can watch it on,4070,3989494-6-wm_dsl,00.html
Andre looks very good, and in the beginning sings a few bars of the Dutch National Anthem.   There also is a clip
of Akim and Carla singing at the concert in NY.
e%20Fever&Video%20Launch%20Page&News  This is a link to a video on Fox news.   The Italians have done a
study and found that Waltzing is an excellent exercise for the heart.   During the clip they show people Waltzing at
Andre's concert and Waltzing on Dancing with the Stars.  He is actually on the news!!    You have come a long
way here in the States, Andre.  Just do not lose it by bringing Gospel to the concerts!  

Just a note about the Person of the year contest. Andre is currently in 7th place overall
with 14885 votes.   The person in 6th place is Ruben Nicolai. (Ruben is a cabaret entertainer) He has 17372
votes.  So he has 2487 more votes than our Andre.  However, so far this month Andre received 1873 votes while
Ruben only received 631, at that rate Andre should be able to pass him in a month or so.  Number 5 is Jan Smit
(Jan is a singer, very nice) He has 17989 votes so only 672 votes more than Ruben.  Jan only received 451 votes
this month.  Which means with effort of everyone voting we may well be able to get Andre to 5th place.   We will
not be able to catch the other four this year, but  next year I hope we can start right from Jan 1 and make him #1
right away and keep him there.  Jesus does not belong in this contest and neither does Elvis.   Nana Mouskouri is
one of my favorite singers.   She is Greek and has such a beautiful voice.   I have been to her concerts before, the
one thing I missed is that she has no contact with her audience.   She is very stiff, but oh that voice.  She is now 72
and I believe she retired a recently.     Marjan Berger is an Dutch singer, she sang in several different duos, but
also has a solo career.  She is mostly known in Holland, Belgium and Germany, and sings many songs in Dutch.   
So keep voting and ask others to vote, fifth place is very good if you start four month late!!!

And then my surprise.  When Maggie was working on her Andre quilt, she and I had some fun with it.   She then
said it was all my fault that she started on the quilt for Andre.   She enjoyed it so much that she said she would
make me one too.    It is so much work that I thought she was kidding.   She was not!!!   So now Andre and his
whole Orchestra sleep with me every night.                           Now of course they did before too.  I would turn them
on every evening before I would go to bed.                                 (See the radio on my nightstand?)   But now I not
only turn them on I go to sleep under my                                      Andre and Orchestra quilt.

Just so you remember the quilt she made for Andre here is a picture.  What a tremendous job she did.
                                                        Just like mine. Andre and I are
                                                         the only ones who have one.                                                                               


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.                       This will be the first time in many years that I will not do the cooking.

My Mom will be coming on December 9.   I am so proud of her, she is 84 and still makes the trip.  She will be going
with us to Disney World.   
I also thought you would like to
see this.  This was taken in       
Kerkrade.   Maggie must have
been clairvoyant. Andre had     
comforter on his red couch that
looked very similar to the quilt
Maggie made him.   I would love
to see a picture of Maggie's quilt
on Andre's little red couch. .