Dear fans.

I have to say, now that we add all the news to the Harmony Parlor, I do not have as much news for this newsletter.
Things I usually save for the newsletter, now go into the Parlor instead.    I am sure, now that we have worked out
the kinks, you all like the Parlor with the instant news and fun stories, Sue is doing an amazing job keeping up with it
You can meet Sue at her myspace site.
The new guestbook also has taken off.  Now you can write much longer posts, answer each other's questions.  I am
not posting email addresses, but if you think I should, let me know and I can change that. Come join us in the Parlor
and comment on the articles and join us in the guestbook and write with other Andre fans.  
I do have a few newsy things for you, after all an Andre news letter without some Andre news is not really a news

There have been many new things on the Andre front since the last letter.   Andre in Australia, in Japan. The
concerts in Maastricht, News about the Romantic Viennese Night concerts in Toronto and now in Amsterdam.   Much
of this news you will find on the Parlor.  I will still send letters if I hear about ticket sales,  and to tell you about some
fun news.

Andre's new CD is great and I cannot wait for the DVD, it should come out soon.   I know the Efteling and looking at
the pictures on Andre's site I am very much looking forward to it.   I think all the grandkids will like this one.   

If you have not looked in the Parlor today, Yesterday was the big day in Holland.   
The last of the Andre in Wonderland soaps.  The fans who guessed that Manoe
was the witch were absolutely right!!
Ruud sent me this picture of Manoe, with make-up but minus nose and chin.  

You can now find all six of the soaps with English subtitles on Ruud and Ineke's site
After the last soap, the first part on the Andre in Wonderland program was broadcast
on the TROS.   Hans in Holland was kind enough to sent me the following link.   once there go to "Meer afleveringen"
(above the story on the right).  Then click  on Andre in Sprookjesland. Here you
can see the first part as it was broadcast on Dutch TV.  No subtitles yet, but even
without subtitles is it great.  

Andre's CD set "100 Plus Belles Melodies" can now be bought on and on   For more
information about this wonderful set go to

Jean Philippe Rieu is now on my Myspace friend list, if you would like to listen to his wonderful music go to  or his website  His piano CD is for sale and I think
it is beautiful.   Another Rieu brother who plays not just with his hands, but with his heart.

For the fans going to Toronto, we still have a few places left at our fan dinner.  Come and join us.
It is going to be a wonderful time, we have about 50 fans signed up from several different countries,
including Bert and Shirley Krom from Australia.  Bert and Shirley run Mirusia's fanclub.      The dinner will
be at the Renaissance Hotel and it is only a few minutes to get next door to the Venue, so it is very
convenient.   We will start the dinner at 5:00 so we have plenty of time to talk and eat.   If any of you are
interested in coming to our dinner let me know as soon as possible.     I am looking forward to the time in
Toronto, Mom and Cassandra will come with me.  It will be wonderful.   

I will also put in my order for the Limburg flags, Monday!
(To be honest I had forgotten all about it, hope I can still
get them before Toronto)
.   So if any of you still would like a flag let me know now!
So far I have to order twenty.   I will bring them with me to Toronto for the fans who will be there.  

Now a bit about what is happening in my life, as most of you know I have a full-time job working with
multi-handicapped children as the local High School.   I also have a Son and a Daughter,  my daughter Mara is
married to Mike (
my second son) and they have three children.    Mike has been in the army for about nine years and
has been to Iraq, he did not re-enlist and will leave the military in December.   Mara, Mike and the three kids will be
moving in with me to make the transition into civilian live a bit easier for them.   

That means of course that I will have even less time for the website.   Instead of just a cat, I will now have three
grand children wanting my attention.   Therefor I would like to ask that if you have a question, first try to ask it in our
nice new guestbook, there are many fans, who will be happy to answer if they can help.  The last month or so with
so many new Australian fans I have spent much of my time answering questions.  I get anywhere from 50 to 100
e-mails a day. The answers to many of the questions are already on the site somewhere.   Please check first.   And
please do not put me on your mailing list for jokes or chain letters.   I do not have time for them and it clogs up my
server.    I would like to spent the time I do have putting new pages on the site.
I hope that you understand that if I do not answer an email, it is not because I do not want to but because I do not
have the time to answer everyone.   

I can also use help, look at the site and you get an idea of what I like on there.   I would like pages with lyrics which
have the pictures, descriptions, background and information of the songs.     If you have a fun idea for the site, I
would like to know.   News is always welcome, I cannot do this site without all the fans who help me with information
and news.   For the fans in Holland, I think the foreign fans going to Maastricht would probably really like some
information about short trips, they are coming to Maastricht for Andre, but probably would also like to see some of
the sights.   Last year Ruud and Ineke did a great booklet with some walks around the city of Maastricht.  Maybe this
year someone can give some information about short trips.  Maybe something about the Efteling and how to get to
there.  In the little book from the railways, 'Erop Uit' are several trips, but they only are in Dutch.   The Historical
triangle which starts in Enkhuizen and ends in Hoorn would be fun to add to the site too.. For more information about
Hoorn go to      Thanks to all the fans who help
and maybe I can persuade some more to help out.  Then all I have to do is find the time to add it to the site.    

There seems to have been some trouble with getting to my email address by some of the fans in Europe.   If you
cannot get through with news or information to   try    It
seems to work better for some.  I do not look there as often, but at least I will get it there.  

Later this week I will put some Andre items on Ebay for those interested.  Including the original Vrijthof concert CD
with the Maastricht Salon Orchestra.   

Janny sent me a nice little anecdote about Benny Neyman.  Thank you, Janny.

In an interview with Benny they asked him: What has been the most fun thing you
have done on Television?
Benny's answer was:
My performance in the concerts of Andre Rieu on the Vrijthof.
What that man does is unbelievable?   I have a lot of respect for it, he has his hands
in everything, even the clothes.
I had to wear a blue jacket, that would bring out the color of my eyes so well.
I also come from Maastricht and thought it an honor that he asked me.  
Because of that performance I still get fan mail from around the world.
There is a lady in Florida who saw the concert. She writes me every week and is totally crazy about Benny Neyman
Is that not fun?   For some additional info about Benny go to:

I have had many, many questions about Andre's wife Marjorie, especially from the Australian fans.   Marjorie does
not want to be in the publicity, she wants to be able to be at concerts without being recognized by thousands of fans.
She wants to be able to shop without being bothered by strangers.    So there are very few pictures of her.   There
are some very unflattering pictures taken without her permission by Paparazzi and put into tabloid magazines.   I am
sure that Andre nor Marjorie approve of pictures, taken without their knowledge,  posted in tabloid magazines and on
websites, no matter what any other Andre website says.    However I do have a very nice picture which was taken for
a legitimate magazine in 1995.  There are no recent pictures of Marjorie that were approved for publication and I will
not post pictures of her which she clearly did not know were being taken, but this picture is 12 years old and was a
posed publicity shot.  It was taken at about the same time the book "My Music, My life" came out which also has
some pictures of Marjorie.
Here is a picture of the whole family in 1995.   I also have a nice picture of Marjorie and Andre taken at the same
shoot. Later I will add it to the Andre and Co page with this picture, and pictures of Andre with his brothers.

On this picture Marc is around 16 and Pierre is 13.  

On this picture Marc is around 16 and Pierre is 13.  
(The writing on the picture says: "Without the serious look so usual at classical concerts, but with a wide smile on his face
plays Andre Rieu one Waltz after the other the RABO top 40 in.  The violinist/conductor from Maastricht has his eye on one
goal, to make the whole world waltz!  He too likes to dance, but the waltz he started with his wife Marjorie almost turned
into a divorce.          Andre Rieu with his wife Marjorie and their sons, Marc and Pierre.
Thank you for the picture Gemma!

I received a nice e-mail from Kelly God the young lady who sang "Lost Heroes", she now has a website and works
for the opera company in Hanover, Germany.  I have added the link to her website on the JSO links page.   

I also discovered that in Holland and Germany several JSO members have websites.  These pages are in Dutch.  
And some of them make for interesting reading.   Heidi Pittie from he choir, has been very ill, but is doing better.   
Suzan lists herself as single and no longer lives in Maastricht but in a town close by.   Marc calls his parents his
heroes and about religion, like his Dad he answers, "I believe in the goodness of humankind".   These sites have
interesting pictures as well.   Suzan skydiving and kissing a dolphin, Marc and Pierre on the beach, a picture of Marc
from the back facing the ocean.   Els Mercken, Celine Saleh, Lara Meulenmans, Kelly God, Roger Diederen, Mirusia
and others have sites, these are not meant for fans but to write to each other, so I will not give the site addresses,
but will stop by once in a while, to see if there is news that I can publish without harming their privacy.     

Suzan, Carla and several others will go on tour in Germany in December after the concerts in Toronto.  So for the
German fans this may be a nice opportunity so see the two songbirds in a concert without Andre.  I will give you
more information when I find out more dates.

The concerts in Australia will be in December 2008, according to Kerstin, November
does not seem to be possible. The cities will be Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide
and Perth.  Andre will bring three copies of the Schonbrunn decor in order to pull it off.  
The first one is on its way to Toronto.   More news is not known.

During the last tour in the US, Andre's good luck with no one ever getting sick ran out.  
Suzan was sick and left the tour early and from what I read on the Dutch site, Resi from
the choir also was sick.   Kalki took Suzan's solo over, but that did mean with Resi ill
and Kalki as soloist there were only three ladies in the choir.    

Have you seen the advertisement in the AARP magazine?  I posted it in the Parlor.  
We had an idea, if all of you would write to AARP suggesting that they do an article
on Andre in their magazine, that may help publicity here in the US.  It really would
be nice if we can make him better known here, my ultimate goal has always been to
make him a household word.   Write to

John sent and translated the following little article for us.  We, John, Bobbie, Ineke, Ruud and I are speculating that
the Mastreechter Staar will perform with Andre during the concerts in Maastricht.  In the past Andre has said he
would like to perform with a mens choir.   In Holland there is none better than the Mastreechter Staar and they are
from Maastricht.   Now this is just an educated guess!  But we think it very possible.

The Mastreechter Staar is a very well know Mens choir from Maastricht.

Andre Rieu received the first Jubilee CD On November 4th Mayor Gerd Leers presented the first copy of the Jubilee
CD of the Royal Song Association, the Mastreechter Staar, to Andre Rieu. The presentation starts the beginning of
the jubilee season of the Mastreechter Staar.  In 2008, the Staar will celebrate it's  125 year anniversary. An
extensive festive program has been established.
The featured works on the CD give an overview of the development of the men's choir during the period of their
existence. Musical stars Chantal Janzen and Ber Schilling are featured soloists on this CD. The choir is under the
direction of Roger  Moens. The Staar will be accompanied on the grand piano by Michiel Ballhaus.

Andre's new Vienna DVD can be bought in the boutique.   The concert in the center of Vienna was fantastic and you
will all love the DVD.  I have seen the program and loved it.

I would like to wish all the US fans a Happy Thanksgiving!   

And then last but not least, do not forget to vote for our Andre as person of the year!  It is only two more months, so
let's not slack off.   Elvis is coming on strong, and Bill Kaulitz is really raking in the votes.  They have made it up to
number two and three.   Passing all the other JSO members.   Let's make sure Andre stays number ONE!

1                               Andre Rieu         40.335 votes  

2                              Elvis Presley     32.045 Votes  

3                              Bill Kaulitz        26.495  

4                             Carmen Monarcha      21.703  

5                              Suzan Erens           21.103

6                             Carla Maffioletti       19.925  

7                             Manoe Konings           18.176  

8                              Marjorie Rieu           16.794  

9                             Pierre Rieu             16.664   

And on the German contest we still have a clean sweep, but please keep voting so we will keep it that way.  Number
six is at 11. 251, so only 2000 votes from Marjorie.   

1  Andre Rieu                   30.463     
2  Carmen Monarcha      17.179    
3  Suzan Erens               16.340    
4  Carla Maffioletti          15.677    
5  Marjorie Rieu              13.316  

Aangenaam... (nice to meet you)