What about your big show in Vienna?

Andre: ZDF (A German TV channel) asked me to make a beautiful show, to fill a late summer  TV
evening. We agreed on Vienna, the garden of Schloss Schoenbrunn (the former imperial summer
residence). The show will be aired August 5th at ZDF. It will be a wonderful show. Franz Josef and Sisi
(the imperial couple who lived in the 19th century in Austria), will come by personally, we’ll  have the
ballet of the Austrian State Opera, a dancing school and of course the Lipizzaner horses (famous white
horses) of the Spanish Riding School (which is situated in Vienna), and Karl Moik (a well known German
talk host and a friend of André).

He also said that the fall special will be filmed in NYC  (the taping in Radio City Music Hall on July 29.)  

Are you recording a new special some time in Germany, the way you do now in New York?

Andre: Maybe, we don’t know yet. When everything goes well, we are first recording in Mexico, later on
everything is possible.

In return for all the info they sent, the fans in Holland have a request from us.  Monique, Janny, Thea and
Ineke have sent me a website where you can vote to have our Maestro chosen as person of the year.   
Many of us think he is the man of the year, so let them know and vote.   
This is what you do.  Go to the website
http://www.persoonvanhetjaar.nl/   There you can vote for Andre
as man of the year.   scroll down, until you see the alphabet,  click on the R.  Andre is on the second
page, so you have to click on the little arrow next to the 1.   Go to page 2.   You will find Andre's name
near the end of page 2.    Click on the word stem. (vote).
A new page will come up, here you have to put your e-mail address in the yellow box, once you do you
will receive the following e-mail at home.  ( they will only use the email address to confirm the vote.)

Hoi ,
Je wilt op Andre Rieu een stem uitbrengen voor de verkiezing van de Persoon van het Jaar 2006.
Om deze stem te bevestigen moet je op onderstaande link klikken.

You want to vote for Andre Rieu for Person of the year 2006.   To confirm your vote you have to click on
the link below.

Klik hier om je stem op Andre Rieu te bevestigen. (click here)

You can vote everyday, as you can see our Andre really can use some votes. So far Elvis has 14000
votes and our Andre only has 150. Now I love Elvis but he has been dead almost 30 years so lets vote
our Andre in there!!!  If we all vote a few times we can make a difference in a hurry.  So do not let our
Dutch friends down and vote for Andre every day!!!    If you have any questions let me know.

And last for this letter I received a great web address from Joanna in Alabama.    It is the San Diego
PBS site.   Here you can see the interview of the San Diego PBS representative in Maastricht.  
http://kpbs.org/Other/DynPage.php?id=2108   there are several video clips of Andre talking about a
variety of things.   Also a clip of the PBS representatives eating herring and of their trip into the St
Pietersberg caves, and a very nice talk with Pierre.  He really is such a nice boy.   I hope you can watch
it.   You do need a pretty fast modem.    If you can not see it at home you could try your local library.  
Often they have access to fast lines and you can watch the clips on their computers.    

I have several new pages up and hope to get some more up before Mom is here.    Now I can see on
the managers pages that there are about 500 people a day on my site.   Only very few write in the guest
book.   It is funny I have more people e-mail me than write in the guest book.   If you like my site leave
me a note in the guest book that way you can share what you think with other fans.

Have a wonderful Sunday
Dear Andre Fans.                                     

The first part of the tour is over and I have heard from many
of you that it was terrific.  My turn will be next week.  I am
going to the concerts in Detroit and in Cleveland.   My Mom
will arrive from Holland this  Friday, and both she and my
grand daughter Cassandra will join me.   Because Mom will
be here, plus there is another grandchild expected in the
next few weeks, I will not be able to do much to the site until
I return from Holland in August.   Before I go I will add
Maggie's report of the concert in Kansas City to the site as
soon as I can.  Hopefully this weekend.      

I have a bit of news,  during an interview in Germany Andre
said the following about the concert in Vienna, and several
others we may expect in the future.   

I will post the whole interview where these excerpts came
from as soon as possible.   Ineke was kind enough to sent
this to me to share with all of you.