Happy Mother's Day            

Dear Andre Friends

First I would like to wish all Moms a Happy Mother's Day

I have some news several of you have been waiting for.   I 'spoke' to Carmen.   She wrote me that she is very busy
and is involved in many different projects.  She also told me she is working on the structure of a website. She is full of
ideas and does not want a simple site, but would like something interactive.  But for now she just started a simple
myspace page so you can see what she is doing.  She has a calendar on the page and she will be working with
Andre and his JSO on June 22 and 23 and then will be in Freiburg, Germany for a week.  Then is will be on to
Maastricht.  You can find her page at
www.myspace.com/carmenmonarcha   She also said we can help her by letting
her know what we would like to hear on her first solo CD, so please send me some suggestions, and I will forward
them.    I would like to hear her sing Summertime from Porgy and Bess, what would you like to hear.    

Then a day later I received another e-mail.  This time from Carla, boy, was I surprised.  I had not heard personally
from Carla before but had given her my email address, it sure was a pleasant surprise.   Carla too, wrote me that she
has started a myspace page, and you can find her at
www.myspace.com/carlamaffioletti     She also wrote that she is
very happy to be joining Andre for the next project and will be in Maastricht and Toronto.  She also wrote there are
some new videos of her on
www.youtube.com  added by a German fan of hers,  just type in her name.    I hope to be
able to get together with both girls in Maastricht.

I have a very simple myspace too, you can find it on
www.myspace.com/sonjaharper  I made some picture cubes for
both girls.  Hope they like them.    

I posted a several new pages on the site, but have been very busy.  I have many things to still add, but just do not
have enough time to do add them.  I guess one at the time.    One I did do is about Ineke's trip to see the Andre Rieu
tulip, check the inspired fans page.  
http://www.andrerieutranslations.com/inspired-fans/Tulips.html You can order the
Andre Rieu tulip for $9.95 for 10.   Go to

For the fans in and around Toronto.   If you cannot wait to see Mirusia perform
with Andre.  You will be able so see and hear her in Scotland the Brave, in the
Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, on June 16  at 3:00 and 8:00PM.  You can
find information at
And on June 17, she will be performing in Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario in
Canada at 7:00PM    Check her web site

In September Andre will be performing in Tokyo with the Harlem Gospel Choir
(The Angels in Harlem group).  The HGC will also perform with him in Arnhem,
the Neterlands.
September 27 . Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, JAPAN
September 28 . Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, JAPAN
September 29 . Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, JAPAN
September 30 . Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, JAPAN

It seems there was some confusion about Laura Engel.   Laura sang in Andre's choir for a short time.  She was in
Vienna and in Maastricht last year.   In Vienna the choir was quite large and besides Laura there was another girl.  
Resi Vahsen.    I think those two girls were mixed up.   

Laura Engel                             Laura Engel                               Laura and Resi in                        Resi Vahsen (18)
Besame Mucho                    at the Conservatory                                 Vienna                                   School picture

The concert in Vienna this year will be on July 14, at the Michaeler Platz in front of the Hofburg. It will be taped for
ZDF the German TV station.

The Michaelerplatz from the air.  You can see                       The Hofburg.  Left is the Spanish riding
    the dome of the Hofburg.                                                    school with the Lipizzaner horses.   

I can also show you a recent picture of Marc Rieu and of one of his paintings.

And last but not least Please keep voting for the www.peroonvanhetjaar.com contest.
The score at the moment is:
1 Andre        15.226
2 Elvis          13.369
3 Carmen       7.444
4 Suzan          6.974
5 Carla           6.601      Jesus is catching up
8 Manoe        4.708
9 Marjorie      4.531
11 Pierre        4.323

In Germany the contest for www.persondesjahres.de is doing well and so far it is still a clean sweep.  Keep it up until
the end of the year and they will win both contests.
1 Andre        11.275
2 Carmen      5.829
3. Suzan       5.151
4 Carla         4.926
5 Marjorie     3.262

Until next time
Carla Maffioletti
Carmen Monarcha
Andre Rieu
Besides Andre the names are my best guess, Teresia is not in the picture.
My Mom, the best in the
World.  Happy Mother's Day.