Dear Andre friends.

I am having some computer problems.  The problem is more with the program I use to make the website.   Some
pictures just went on a walk-about by themselves and suddenly were over the text.   Some just completely changed to
other pictures. Background changed to other backgrounds, really strange.  I deleted the program and reloaded it, but
have to go through every page to check and change it.  I have been trying to get things straightened out, but was and
am not able to do much work on the site until it is resolved.    
(The picture of Andre I used for this letter is older, but one of my favorites.)

Andre has a new soprano for the tour in the US.  He has contracted her for Apirl, May, Oct, and December.
She is 21 year old Mirusia Louwerse from Birkdale, Australia.      Mirusia has traveled the musical gauntlet performing
songs from most genres to arrive at studying and performing opera.
The year 2006 was a milestone year for Mirusia, winning the acclaimed Dame Joan Sutherland Opera award and
finishing her studies at the Queensland Conservatorium cum laude.  Mirusia is from Dutch parents and speaks perfect
She has a beautiful voice and you can listen to her on her website   

I contacted Mirusia and received a nice note back.   She wrote the following:'
Hi Sonja!
So lovely to hear from you, and I'm excited to know that you are coming to Philadelphia and Atlantic City!! Thanks for
making contact! Yes, I am very excited to be one of the sopranos in Andre's show! It's going to be a lot of fun!
Hope to see you after the shows and do keep in contact!
From Mirusia.
I will add a page about her on Andre and Co as soon as I can.

Carmen is still very busy performing in Sao Paulo and she sang Mio Bambino Caro at some 100 year reunion.

I would also like to add some youtube addresses  for your enjoyment here.           Andre on German TV with the Lords of the Dance          Andre's version of Bolero on TV       This is a Picture collage, mmm, don't all those pictures look
familiar.   All the pictures are from my website, Paulo Ricardo did a great job putting them together though.            Andre and the English group Bond        Meine lippen sie kussen so heiss   Then 22 years old Carmen
Monarcha sings "Meine lippen sie kussen so heiss". Operetta Guiditta from Franz Lehar.               Please don't go by Carla, Carmen and Suzan.  Words by
Marjorie.              Intermezzo          The Song of Vilja sang by Carmen Monarcha, from operetta
Merry Widow from Franz Lehar.           Carmen sound check in Maastricht

If you go to and type in Rieu you will find many more clips.   These are just my favorites.

I recieved the following from Maggie.   I hope to add the shirts to the site too, as soon as I can.  Thanks Maggie the
shirts look great.

Hi Andre Friends,

I'm writing this because Sonja is having problems with her web site - as if she didn't have enough to do. That lady
works harder than any ten people I know put together. Any way, if you've seen her site recently, you know about the
beautiful picture Sue Berry made with my poem on it. Sue is a genius with that kind of stuff. Linda Stinner in California
wrote and asked me if I had considered putting it on a tee or sweat shirt. That thought never crossed my mind, but she
said she'd like to have two or three. Two other friends also asked for one, so checked it out. I had a tee and sweat shirt
made up and they are really nice. I was going to put all this on Sonja's site, but can't right now.  So here is the
information. The shirts only come in white, because colored material will show through the white letting. (or Andre's
white shirt) Both are a special weave made for color printing -- tee shirts are 100% micropolyester outer surface,
100%cotton inner surface. Sweats - 50% micropolyester, 35% polyester, 15% cotton. They will wash many times
without the picture fading and don't shrink. They come in small, medium, large, and extra large. The large fits me fine.

The cost is $20.00 for tee shirts, that includes the shirt, the printing. The tax is 1.49 for one. Sweat shirts are $25.00
for shirt and printing, and 1.86tax.  MO sales tax is .0745.
There is no profit in this to me. I would never dream of using
anything about Andre Rieu for that purpose. I am doing this for friends because they ARE friends.

If anyone wants a shirt, please let me know which one (tee or sweat or both)  how many, and what sizes.
If I place an order of ten or more the company will take off 10% percent which drops the price each to $18 + $1.34 tax
(tee) and 22.50 + 1.68 tax. (sweat)  Since I already have 5 requests, consider the lower figures as the cost and send
me a check for how ever many you order. My address is :  Maggie Worman,
                                                        211 Hillcrest Drive                               
                                                    Carl Junction, MO. 64834
Be sure to include your mailing address.  I will mail them to you at no cost. If anyone wants a shirt, please let me know
by Friday, March 23.  I will place the order on Monday, March 26th.

If anyone who orders a shirt is going to the concerts in Philly or Atlantic City, I will just bring them with me to the
concerts. I will be staying with Sonja, and Laurie Crowley.

To see a large picture of the poem.
click here

It sure would be fun if all of us who are going to Atlantic City had the same Andre Shirt.

In my last news letter I asked what would you like Carmen to sing.   If you have suggestions, please sent them to me.

I also asked if you could ask Andre anything what would you ask him???    Let me know, I just may put a list together
and give it to him.    I think the chance I will get it back is slim, but what the heck it is fun to try.

Bob sent me the following link for Andre CDs and DVDs.  He said he ordered many from them and there is no shipping

Bobbie sent me the following link for those of you who would like to watch some Carnival in Maastricht.  
It is a four part  live report of the carnival fest in Maastricht  "Het Gevoel van Carnaval " "the feeling of carnival" which
was televised on Nederland 1.
Just click on bekijk  video for the date you would like to watch.  (For some reason 19 Feb does not work).

From Joan
On there are two CD's with Andre and the Maastricht Salon Orchestra:
Gala Miniatures - $14.95
Souvenirs of Vienna $14.95

Please do not forget to vote.   
Andre is still in first place in both Holland and Germany, but we do need your vote
to keep him there.
1  Andre         9641
2  Elvis           8540
3  Carmen     4622
4  Suzan        4210  From 6th to 4th this month
7  Carla         4016  From 9th to 7th
12 Marjorie   2523   From 13th to 12th
14 Manoe     2007  From 20th to 14th    
16 Pierre      1885  From 19th to 16th     Keep Andre on top and move the
others up by voting

I am happy to tell you that it is still an Andre sweep in the German contest.  
1 Andre        6803
2 Carmen     3501
3 Suzan        2868
4 Carla         2722
5 Marjorie    1877
6 Elvis          1406   Looks great but you do have to keep voting.   Go to   and vote.

If you need help, go to my website, go to the information page for an explanation on how to vote on these foreign
language sites.   On the information page!
On the German site Manoe nor Pierre have been nominated like they are in Dutch contest.   Let's nominate them too
and make it a total sweep.    

There are many more new dates for the concerts in December.   December 3 in Bakersfield at the Rabo bank Arena,   
Dec 1, in Oakland,  Monday, Oct. 15, in Winnipeg, with tickets available next Friday, March 30, for  $64.50 to $84.50
through Ticketmaster.   I have not been able to add these, but hope you will sent me any others you will find out about,
so I can add them as soon as all is well with the website again.

Have a wonderful Easter.  My high-school friend is coming from Holland during my spring break and we will be going
here and there.    No set plans, probably Mammoth Caves, The Kentucky Horse Park and we may even make it to
Graceland, just two girls on the road, if the weather is good enough we will camp.

If you have any news for the news letter or the website please sent it to me. I will admit I may not always have time to
add everything that I get, but I try to add the most interesting things when I have time.